YouTube testing Timed Comments with more users

YouTube testing Timed Comments with more users. YouTube keeps testing new features with a limited number of users. They recently started pushing a new comments UI for full-screen videos. It was one of the highly criticized features from YouTube as this ruins the full-screen experience. This time, YouTube testing Timed Comments with a limited number of users. It is currently in beta and not unveiled for everyone.

YouTube testing Timed Comments with more users

Timed Comments is an interesting concept that YouTube introduced and will be widely available. YouTube testing Timed Comments where they filter YouTube video comments with timestamps. Previously, you had the option to sort comments with the newest first or Top comments. But, now YouTube added a third comment filter called “Timed”.

Source: AndroidPolice

According to the AndroidPolice report, YouTube testing Timed Comments will allow users to look for timestamp-specific comments while watching the video. Like, if someone highlighted a timestamp of the video and added their comment, it will appear in the exact moment when you’ll reach that timestamp in the video.

SoundCloud have Timed Comments

A similar feature is available on the audio streaming platform, Soundcloud. In Soundcloud, when you play a song, the comments related to a particular timestamp appear while music is playing. Maybe, YouTube took inspiration from SoundCloud and implemented it in their app. As of now, Timed comments are tested with a limited number of users and the feature is not available on the Desktop.

SoundCloud Timed Comments

YouTube testing Timed Comments as a handy feature. It will help you to get all the comments about a particular timestamp which makes the comments relevant to the videos. In the YouTube comment, you can click on the timestamps in the comment to reach that particular timestamp in the video.

Along with the Timed comments, YouTube added a lot of new features in recent days. They introduced the very demanded loop video button in the YouTube Android app. They also added a Clip feature which is quite useful to share short parts/clips of long videos with your friends.

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