YouTube testing Loop Video feature on their Android App

YouTube recently introduced a lot of features in their latest update and modified their Android app UI a bit.

Few days ago we covered an update in YouTube UI where they removed number of dislikes counter from video description even when the creator allowed to show number of dislikes to show.

YouTube Loop Video

In latest finding, I spotted that YouTube is testing Loop Video feature with a limited number of users. Loop Video feature is already available on desktop from years and now its coming to YouTube app for Android.

YouTube will let you enable Loop Video feature in Android phones by clicking on the three dot menu. Loop Video option is available in the menu which you can click to play video in a loop.

YouTube Loop Video in Mobile

YouTube Clip Video

YouTube also testing Clip with more username. Clip is a new feature in YouTube which let users create 60 seconds video clips from existing videos which are shareable with a different link. It is available on both Android and iOS.

YouTube clip

According to some users on Twitter, YouTube for Android TV is planning to ship new features like video description and the links that we add in description wouldn’t work on TV and the users won’t be able to open these links from TV.

Let’s see how YouTube manages to add these features in their upcoming updates. As of now these features are in testing stage and only available to a limited number of users. We may see more of these features as YouTube will expand the testing to more users.

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