YouTube showing ads to Premium users in YouTube Music

YouTube Music was launched back in 2015 and It is now one of the most popular music streaming services. I love YouTube music and the daily mixes so much that I subscribed to their premium service. YouTube Premium promises to offer Ad-Free streaming and background play in YouTube and YouTube music apps.

YouTube showing ads to Premium users in YouTube Music

However, Today while I was listening to my favorite song on YouTube music, I got an advertisement on the official YouTube music app. It surprised as well as annoyed me because I am subscribed to the Individual plan of YouTube Premium. As you can see in the screenshot below, an advertisement is showing in the YouTube music app with the Ad label and skip button.

YouTube Music showing Ads
YouTube Music showing Ads despite having Premium membership

As you can see, YouTube Music is showing the Ads despite having a YouTube Premium Membership. Here’s the screenshot showing that I am subscribed to the Individual Plan of YouTube Membership.


A similar issue was faced by a lot of YouTube premium users, two years ago in 2019. Here’s a Reddit thread showing users reporting similar issues, two years ago. It was recognized by the YouTube team and the issue was apparently. But, Today I noticed the same issue, as you can see in the above screenshots. It is only showing ads in the YouTube Music app, the main YouTube app is working fine.

Most people including me pay for YouTube premium to get rid of distractions from Ads. It is the primary reason for most YouTube Premium. After paying for a service, we expect to get the benefits promised by the company. But, if people even after paying for YouTube Premium membership gettings ads, it’s simply unacceptable.

I hope YouTube recognizes the issue and works on a fix so, no more people face such issues. I am using the latest version of YouTube Music and tried basic things like clearing cache and data, switching accounts, etc.

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