YouTube continues to ruin YouTube UI with another update

YouTube recently did a lot of changes in the UI of their Android app. From disabling Dislikes count to adding complicated video quality settings.

In last update, YouTube introduced a new and very complicated menu to change quality of YouTube videos in their app. They received a lot of backlash and negative comments about it from users, but as always YouTube ignored.

YouTube continues to ruin YouTube UI with another update

Today, YouTube released a new version of their UI which changed the way Likes, views and published da looks in Description section of any YouTube video. In the latest change to YouTube UI, now the likes and video count looks very different. Instead of showing both likes and dislikes count below their respective icons. YouTube is now showing only likes when you open Video description and icons are removed instead writing like count and followed by “Like” word.

Similarly the published date and Video views are displayed. To my surprise, the video dislikes count is removed from description even when creator haven’t opted to hide dislikes.

As this YouTube UI is just updated, I wasn’t able to get what users think of this new UI update. Talking about my  opinion, I think YouTube is not learning from their mistakes and not taking the user response seriously.

In Morning, YouTube and some other Google services went down and the hashtag #YouTubeDOWN was trending on Twitter. Along with YouTube there were many other Google services also down. This impacted several Google servers as it was not a global outage.

YouTube Team confirmed this outage and tweeted that they fixed the issue that caused this outage. However, there’s no clarification about the outage and what caused it.

Here’s the tweet by Team YouTube:

Tell me what you think about this latest update in  YouTube UI in comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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Abhishek Verma

Abhishek Verma

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