YouTube comments UI change will ruin your experience

New YouTube comments UI change will ruin your experience. YouTube keeps working on updating its Android app with new features and tests. In the latest update, they changed the way likes and other stats look in YouTube descriptions. Even after receiving a lot of criticism from users and tech experts, they never reverted the change. YouTube being YouTube again did some changes to the UI that will ruin your YouTube watching experience with new comments UI change.

YouTube comments UI change will ruin your experience

According to some users on Twitter and Reddit, they’ve noticed a YouTube comments UI change on Android. They’re saying that YouTube added a comment section in full-screen videos, which covers almost half of the screen and shifts the video in the corner. Of course, they are not happy with this new change in the YouTube app.

In this new update, users can interact in comments while watching the video in full-screen mode. Now, I don’t understand why someone would like to do that, because if comments will cover half of the video then what’s the point in switching to the full-screen mode.

YouTube comments are a good way to interact with the creator and show your response on the video. No, I am not going to talk about the amount of toxicity and spam we see in the comments section of YouTube. These days, the web is full of toxicity, so let’s not talk about that and focus on good things.

According to a report by AndroidPolice, YouTube has been testing a few design tweaks in comments sections. As you can see in the screenshots below, the comment section design is changed a bit in all of these.

As you can see, the comments section design is changed many times as Google is testing it in wild. Sometimes, the top comment disappears and in others, it comes back with a comment count and text field to comment.

Previous YouTube UI updates

YouTube also recently introduced the Loop video feature which was under very limited testing. It was first spotted by us while browsing YouTube and enjoying Minecraft videos. The loop video feature in YouTube for Android was long-awaited and I am happy that it’s finally here. Everyone appreciated YouTube for the Loop video feature.

Along with the Video loop feature, YouTube also added the “Clip” feature. It allows viewers to create one minute video out of a long live stream or video, which can be shared through a separate link later on. It is related to the YouTube Shorts which was in beta for a whole year and now integrated into YouTube.

It will allow you to create short videos that you want to share with your friends instead of sharing the long videos with the timestamps where your friend is lost finding that exact funny moment. Well, now you can do that with the new “Clip” feature. It is still under limited testing, so you may get it in the future. It is different than the Create feature.

The “Clip” feature is also available on the desktop. You just need to open your favorite video and then create Clip out of it from Desktop.

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