YouTube App showing chapters outside Videos

YouTube App showing chapters outside Videos – YouTube app added the chapters feature that improved the overall user experience. It helps viewers skip to a particular section to watch instead of watching the whole video. Previously, creators needed to add timestamps in description to create chapters but now YouTube is reportedly working to implement AI that will identify chapters on its own.

YouTube App showing chapters outside Videos

Today, I discovered that YouTube is testing chapters outside the videos. The feature seems to be tested with limited users. It allows users to view the chapters of videos without even watching them. When a video with chapters in it appears on timeline or search results, it shows the Chapters count. If you click on the chapter count, it will show a horizontal list of chapters with thumbnails and timestamps.

Here’s how it looks in the YouTube app:

I think it will help viewers to save time which they spend to find the particular part of a video. It will improve the overall user experience of YouTube viewers.

YouTube just completed the milestone of 10 Billion downloads and became the second app to reach this huge milestone. Google Play Services was the first app to reach 10 Billion downloads on Play Store. It is wise to say that YouTube is the first user-facing app to reach this huge milestone. As the Google Play Service app is used by Google’s app not directly used by Android users.

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