Xiaomi patent reveals modular phone with zoom camera module

Modular Phones been a hype for a long time in the previous years and companies bring new phones now and then. We have seen several examples in the past. Fairphone a widely accepted experiment but with a good intention or reducing e-Waste. Modular Phones are good for environment as well as end-users. They help to keep the environment clear by reducing the amount of e-Waste and benefits end-user by offering individual part replacement so, no need to replace the whole unit.

We’ve seen many experiment in past year, and one such experiment is expected from the smartphone giant Xiaomi. I spotted a new patent in the wild that shows that Xiaomi is also planning to work on a modular smartphone. According to a patent published on USPTO, the modular smartphone Xiaomi planning will have a zoom camera module. Xiaomi filed this patent last year in February, 2020.

As per the images in patented Xiaomi modular phone consists of several modules. The first module (upper part) contains the CPU part and camera whereas, in the second module (middle part) consist a batter. Additionally, a third module is used, which is the bottom part of this modular smartphone. All the modules are easily interchangeable and can bring additional functionality to the smartphone. Probably, a speaker module or a zoom camera module as an example.

At least two modules contain a screen, which once connected together form one large display panel – with no visible seam, as stated in the documentation. It is a full screen design. The modules can be slid on and off each other by means of a rail system. It can only be correctly confirmed in one way. As soon as it is properly engaged, the modules make contact with each other and the device can be put into use.

Additionally, a vertical camera component is shown, which consist a total of four cameras. Surprisingly, the bottom lens has a square design. It indicates that this camera module has a periscopic zoom camera, so you can also zoom in with this special device.

Xiaomi is not new with modular devices. Back in 2013, when the Phonebloks project received got a lot of appreciation, Lei Jun, co-founder and CEO of Xiaomi, published several photos of Xiaomi Magic Cube modular phone on the Chinese forum Weibo. Although the device never made it to the public, but it shows that Xiaomi still wants to live that dream.

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Abhishek Verma

Abhishek Verma

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