What is MSME CHAMPIONS: The Definitive Guide

The Government of India launched a new online portal named CHAMPIONS for Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises(MSME) on this Monday.

In this article, we are going to explain each and everything you need to know about this new online portal launched by the Government of India. This article will help you understanding all about the CHAMPIONS portal, what is it and how to use it.

Before we dive into this definitive guide about MSME CHAMPIONS, let’s understand why this portal was needed to be launched. Let’s understand the reason, why the Government of India took this step and launched an online portal especially for MSME.

Why MSME CHAMPIONS was launched?

After this COVID-19 Pandemic, the economy of India is badly affected and all the businesses including the MSME sector are going through the worst conditions.

A few weeks ago, an economic package worth  Lakhs(approx 277 Billion USD), was announced by the Government of India in the name of Aatmanirbhar Bharat Economic Package.

This huge economic package was announced to revive the dying economy of India, by helping the small business sectors which come under MSME.

After the announcement of this economic package, there was a lot of confusion among the beneficiaries, i.e., the small business owners. Everyone requested the government to clarify all the procedures and benefits of this economic package.

What is MSME CHAMPIONS Online Portal?

After listening to all the complaints, the Government of India planned to launch an online portal with all the information about it and additionally take everything online, so peoples get the most out of it.

MSME CHAMPIONS where CHAMPIONS stands for “Creation and Harmonious Application of Modern Processes for Increasing the Output and National Strength” is the portal that the government of India launched.

It is a portal that solves the problems that peoples were facing. Additionally, they have provided a lot of features that are going to ultimately help the MSME sector of India.

We are listing a few features and benefits of MSME CHAMPIONS online portal:


In a press release, MSME discussed the objectives of this online portal, so we are referring to that document and explain to you the features of the CHAMPIONS online portal.

There are many features offered by the MSME CHAMPIONS platform which is launched by the Government of India and we are going to discuss some of them let me address you that these features are being referenced from the press release of the Government of India so let’s get into it.

Grievance handling: MSME launched the CHAMPIONS platform to help the peoples and small businesses that are a part of MSME by providing financial support, raw materials, labor, and regulatory permissions, etc.

As we all know the conditions are not good in our country due to COVID-19 so the government is trying to help the most affected businesses in our country through this portal and grievance handling is a part of it.

Capturing new opportunities: Government of India is going to use this platform called MSME CHAMPIONS to help peoples in getting new opportunities in this pandemic, like manufacturing medical equipment accessories like PPE kits, masks and supply them in National and international markets that will ultimately help them in growing their income and empowering country’s economy too.

We all have heard about the different stories coming from our country that small businesses are doing incredible jobs in helping the country by making PPE Kits, Medical Equipments, masks, and supplying the essential items.

Identify and increase the sparks: The government of India is going to use the MSME CHAMPIONS platform to help and support the ideas that are going to help us in the current situation and become national and international champions from our country. CHAMPIONS portal will be used to get ideas from peoples all over the country. The peoples can go to the portal and register their ideas to share their ideas with government officials and their ideas will be considered by government officials and work on that those ideas.

How to use the MSME CHAMPIONS platform?

There are many peoples around the country who are facing problems and confused that how we can use this platform champions and get the most out of it. So here I am explaining to you how you can use this platform and get the most out of this platform.

How to register your Grievances on MSME CHAMPIONS?

Step 1: Go to champions.gov.in website

Open your browser and enter champions.gov.in website in the address bar and hit enter. The browser will open the MSME CHAMPIONS website in front of you. Frontpage consists of some basic information about the platform and a few video guides at the bottom.

Step 2: Choose Grievances from the Top Menu

After opening the platform on your browser you need to hover over the “GRIEVANCES” in the top menu of the website, after hovering it will show you two options. You need to choose the first option which says “REGISTER YOUR GRIEVANCES”, click on this option.

Step 3: Fill in the Contact Form

On the REGISTER YOUR GRIEVANCE page you’ll get a form that you need to fill to register your grievance. You need to fill a few basic details in this form about your business. After filling the form, you’ll get an OTP over your mobile and Email, which you need to verify on the platform.

Additional Features

Your Delayed Payment

MSME CHAMPIONS offers you a platform for registering your complaints regarding delayed payment. It is known as MSME SAMADHAAN where you can register the complaints about delayed payments. You can also see the live data of complaints and payments amount. MSME SAMADHAAN can also be accessed through samadhaan.msme.gov.in

Schemes For You

Schemes For You is a section in MSME CHAMPIONS where you can check all the ongoing Existing and New Schemes. There’s a section for SCHEMES FOR STARTERS.


MSME CHAMPIONS portal has a page that lists all the available Control Rooms across the country along with the MAP. You can also locate the nearest Control Room to your location and seek for help.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] section is the page consists of a collection of questions and their answers. Before you contact to the Government officials, I would recommend you to please check out these sections.


I have used reviewed this online portal and I would like to appreciate the government for launching MSME CHAMPIONS online portal. I am pretty sure that this platform is going to help a lot of small businesses. But, there are a few features that are missing, and the government should implement it.

MSME CHAMPIONS have a portal for suggestions and feedback, but I would recommend keeping the suggestions and feedback open to the public that will help the peoples to understand the need and would give their support to an innovative idea.

Disclaimer: We have done proper research about this platform and tried to make the information accurate, but we would recommend you to refer to news articles and government-issued documents before using the platform. We are not responsible for any action due to minor mistakes in our article.

If you found this article helpful then please share it on social media and help others to understand this platform. Also, if you have any suggestion or question related to this article, then comment it down, I will reply as soon as possible.

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