Remind Yourself to Wear Mask with WearYourMask: App Review

We all need to wear mask during this ongoing pandemic situation and sanitise our hands whenever we come home. Police is strict and impose heavy fines for not wearing masks. So, here’s an app called WearYourMask which reminds you to wear mask whenever you leave home. It also reminds you to sanitise yourself while entering into your home.

WearYourMask App Review

WearYourMask is a very simple app which notifies you to wear mask while leaving home and also reminds you to wash your hands and sanitise yourself after reaching home.

How it works?

We tried WearYourMask app and found that it works by accessing the home Wi-Fi to detect that you reached or left home. It’s concept is very simple. It records the SSID of your home Wi-Fi and then verifies it every time you reach home.

Developer of WearYourMask

WearYourMask is developed by Jay Kapoor. He is founder of MakeMyRig and runs a Tech YouTube channel where he uploads videos about Tech and Travel Vlogs.

He explained about WearYourMask app in his video, check it out.

Screenshots of WearYourMask App

WearYourMask App Review


WearYourMask is a pretty simple app with minimal design that performs a very simple task. I would like to give 4.8/5 rating.

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