How to Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage in 2022?

Are you worried about running out of space on Google Drive? No need to worry anymore. You can get Unlimited Google Drive Storage for free with the methods shared in this article. I am sharing two ways to help you get unlimited shared Google Drive storage in 2022.

About Google Drive:

Google Drive is an online storage service provided by Google. It offers 15 GB of storage for free, and you need to upgrade to Google One to get more. Google One is a subscription service by Google that provides more storage, support priority, and more features.

Note: After Google ended the unlimited storage option for Google Photos, storage is a big issue. The photos in Google Photos also count towards the 15GB Google Drive storage. You can check our list of best Google Drive alternatives for storing your files.

Features of Unlimited Google Drive storage:

  • Free of Cost: You will get unlimited Google Drive storage for free.
  • Unlimited Storage: After following the method shared here, you will get unlimited storage on Google Drive.
  • Simplicity: You can get unlimited Google Drive storage without much hustle by following these methods.

Method 1: Unlimited Google Drive Storage for Students

If you are a student, then you can get Unlimited Google Drive storage for free by following this method:

  1. Get a College Email: To begin with, you need to get a college email from your college administrator or head of the department. You can go directly to your Head of Department to enquire about it or write an email asking for a college email account. You can use this email format to ask the head of the department over email for a student email account.
  2. Login to Google Drive: After you get your college email account, you need to log in to Google Drive to get unlimited Google Drive storage for free. Google offers it for free to educational institutions.
  3. Enjoy Unlimited Google Drive Storage: After you log in to your Google Drive account from your college email, you’ll automatically get your institution’s Unlimited Google Drive storage plan.

Note: Before you ask your college for a college email account, you should check your college website. If it ends with .edu, then you’re good to go. But, if the college website ends with something like .com or .net, then, unfortunately, the above method won’t work in most cases. So, if your college doesn’t have a .edu domain, you should ask your IT Department whether you’ll get Google Drive storage with your college email or not.

Method 2: Unlimited Google Drive Storage for Free

If you’re not a college student and the above method didn’t work for you, then this method will work for sure. You can follow this method to get unlimited Google Drive storage for free.

  1. Open Browser: Firstly, you need to open your favorite browser, Chrome, Firefox, or anything else.
  2. Open Team Drive Generator: You need to open any of the Team Drive Generators listed below and accept their terms.
  3. Choose a name for Unlimited Google Drive Storage: After opening the Team Drive Generator, you need to choose a name for the shared drive to be generated.
  4. Enter your Google email address: After choosing a name, you need to enter your own Google/Gmail email address to get unlimited Google Drive storage added to your Google account.
  5. Choose the University: You can choose any listed universities or leave it Random. Better would be to go to the University to Random so the website can decide on its own for you.
  6. Create TeamDrive: After entering all the details, you need to click on the “I’m not a Robot” captcha and then click Create to create TeamDrive for free. After successfully providing the storage, you’ll get a success message like in the screenshot. Enjoy unlimited Google Drive storage!

Note: Sometimes you’ll get an error page like the one below. All you need to do is try again with a new email and it will work.


Note: We do not guarantee that your data will be safe in these shared drives. It would help if you always kept backups in multiple places. Also, this tutorial is for educational purposes. Please do not use any of these methods for illegal purposes. You’ll be solely responsible for any action taken by law enforcement for your illicit activities.

Warning: These shared Google Drives (Team Drives) can be deleted by Universities at any time with no advanced notice. So, keep that in your mind while using them.

List of Team Drive Generators

Here’s a list of Team Drive Generators:


Note: We are not affiliated with any of these services. I found these websites listed on different public forums.

Other methods to get Unlimited Google Storage (Not Free)

You can get unlimited Google Storage by purchasing the Google Workspace Enterprise plan. They charge you on a user basis, which means unlimited storage but with some cash on their hand.

Methods to save storage on Google Drive

You can save storage on Google Drive by following these methods:

  1. Clear Trash: You should clean Google Drive Trash regularly to avoid these useless files eating up the space.
  2. Upload Compressed files: If you upload raw images or huge files, then compression can be beneficial in saving some extra bits on your Google Drive storage.
  3. Clean up your Inbox: Your Gmail emails also count toward your 15GB storage. So, it would help if you cleaned your Inbox, Spam, and Trash regularly to save up some storage on your Google Drive.

3 Alternatives to Google Drive

If you want to move some of your Google Drive files, you can use any of these five alternatives to Google Drive:

  1. provides a whopping 50GB of free storage, which is much more than Google Drive. It can be considered a safe and secure alternative to Google Drive as these files are encrypted.
  2. pCloud: pCloud can be another storage service to look for alternatives to Google Drive. It provides you with 10GB of free storage with some excellent features. pCloud also gives you a Lifetime plan that offers 10TB storage for $1200. Pay once, and it’s yours for a lifetime.
  3. is another great storage option as a Google Drive alternative. You can store files with the 10GB free storage you get with the basic plan of

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