Unblockit New Domain and Alternatives

If you’re looking for Unblockit new domain, then you’re in right place, here we keep the updated domain of Unblockit proxy.

Unblockit is a website/service that allows everyone to access blocked torrent websites. You can access popular websites like 1337x, ThePirateBay, YTS, and more. After getting noticed by ISPs and the Government, they started blocking Unblockit domains on their network. So, to tackle this problem, Unblockit keeps changing its domain names to allow users to use its services without any issues.

Unblockit New Domain

Here’s the newest domain of Unblockit proxy:

  • New Domain: unblockit.mov
  • CloudFlare worker: unblockit.pages.dev
  • GitLab Sites: unblock_it.gitlab.io

Unblockit Old Domains

Here’s a list of old Unblockit domains:

  • unblockit.asia
  • unblockit.boo
  • unblockit.click
  • unblockit.bio
  • unblockit.nz
  • unblockit.cat
  • unblockit.name
  • unblockit.blue
  • unblockit.llc
  • unblockit.day
  • unblockit.cam
  • unblockit.how
  • unblockit.tv
  • unblockit.bz
  • unblockit.kim
  • unblockit.ws
  • unblockit.ch
  • unblockit.uno
  • unblockit.li
  • unblockit.onl
  • unblockit.club
  • unblockit.buzz
  • unblockit.link

These were the old domains that Unblockit changed with time. If you’re looking for some alternatives to Unblockit proxy. Here’s a list we curated for you.

Unblockit Alternatives

Here are some of the best Unblockit alternatives:

  • 123Unblock: https://123unblock.bar/
  • NoCensor: https://nocensor.sbs/
  • ProxyBit: https://proxybit.click/
  • Unbl0ck: https://unbl0ck.bond/
  • UnblockNinja: https://unblockninja.com/

Disclaimer: We are sharing this article for educational purposes only. If you use this guide for any illegal purpose, you’re the only one who is responsible for the act. Please follow your local laws before using this method.

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