Twitter working on warning labels to tackle misinformation

In recent leaks, we found that Twitter is working on Facebook like reaction emojis. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong, recently shared screenshots of these upcoming Twitter reactions on her Twitter profile. According to these screenshots, users will be able to use emoji reactions in Tweets.

As of now, Twitter allows you to like tweets with the heart emoji. But in the future, users will be able to use more emojis as reactions. As per the screenshots shared by Jane, these reaction emojis will be very similar to Facebook reactions.

Twitter working on warning labels to tackle misinformation

In the latest leak, Jane shared that Twitter working on warning labels feature that will help to curb the spread of misinformation. According to Jane, Twitter will introduce three warning flags to label the tweets spreading false information.

As you can see, the screenshots shared by Jane Manchun Wong, these warning labels will be named as “Get the latest”, “Stay informed”, and “Misleading.”

Twitter working on warning labels to tackle misinformation


These warning labels will also have their own theme colors. Like we will have blue for “Get the latest”, orange for “Stay informed”, and red for “Misleading.”

After the disclosure of Jane Manchun Wong, it was clear that these features will be introduced in upcoming updates of Twitter. However, Yoel Roth, Twitter head of Site integrity also confirmed this feature by quoting Jane’s tweet. He said that they are experimenting this feature on Twitter to reduce the amount of false information.

Anita Butler, the design director of Twitter quoted Yoel Roth and said that this new experiment is a part of their Research and development program.

These new warning labels will be introduced in Twitter in future. We may get these features first in Twitter beta then to the stable update.

Note: Jane Manchun Wong used reverse-engineering to discover all the above-mentioned features in the latest Instagram app. They are in development mode right now and not available to the public. Instagram may or may not ship these features in upcoming updates, we are not responsible for that.

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