Twitter Spaces can be searched with Filter keyword

Twitter Spaces, an alternative to Clubhouse for Android users by Twitter. It was first tested with a limited number of users and then recently rolled out to everyone.

Twitter spaces allows everyone to host their own voice talk show where you can discuss whatever you want to.

Twitter Spaces got a lot of appreciation from the users and its quite popular right now as there are a lot of people hosting and participating in Twitter Spaces.

We recently discovered that Twitter added this feature that allows you to search for Twitter Spaces using the following keyword.


Twitter Spaces Search Filter

Twitter Spaces search can also be filtered by Following and Location.

You can also search for Twitter Spaces with a particular language, it allows you to search Twitter spaces with your preferred language. Here’s how:

filter:spaces lang:en

Twitter Spaces filter with Language

Twitter spaces can  be created by clicking on the Tweet button on Android app and choose Spaces icon.

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