Twitter Spaces: A small update for hosts

Twitter Spaces was launched in November 2020 as an alternative to Clubhouse. It is now becoming more and more popular in the live audio social media space. Twitter Spaces is now improved a lot with new features and improved audio quality.

Twitter Spaces can be created from the Twitter Android app. Tap on the New Tweet icon and it will show you media options like Photos and Text only tweets. In the same section, you’ll get an option to host a Twitter Spaces session and invite people to join and have a conversation.

Twitter Spaces added invites left counter

Today, Twitter added a new feature that will acknowledge the invites left while inviting speakers to your Spaces. Twitter announced this feature from the official Twitter handles for Spaces. Previously, there was no countdown for the number of invited speakers and how many invites are left in the Twitter Spaces session.

Twitter Spaces announced this feature through the official Twitter handle. It is now available for both Android and iOS. You can download the latest Twitter app from Play Store or APKMirror to get this feature.


Twitter also introduced a monetization method for Twitter Spaces hosts and calling it “Ticketed Spaces”. Twitter added an additional option in the sidebar named “Monetization” with a star icon. Ticketed Spaces are in beta right now. You can apply for Ticketed Spaces if you qualify the following requirements:

  1. At least 1000 followers on Twitter
  2. You’ve hosted at least 3 spaces in the past 30 days
  3. You’re 18 years old

Yay! Now you can apply for Ticketed Spaces on Twitter.

How to test this feature?

Follow these steps to test this new feature in Twitter App:

  1. Download Latest Twitter Beta APK: You can download the latest beta APKs from the DroidMaze Beta channel
  2. Install the Latest Twitter Beta APK
  3. Create a Twitter Space
  4. Invite Speakers to the Twitter Spaces session

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