EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Communities will get custom URLs

Twitter is one of the best social media to get the latest news and updates regarding your topic of interest. You can follow people, topics and create lists related to the topic you’re interested in. I use Twitter Lists in TweetDeck to get the updates related to a particular topic.

Last year, Twitter introduced Communities to help like-minded people connect with each other. So, if you’re someone like me who generally tweets related to Android but also likes to share Wordle scores. So, you can join the Wordle community on Twitter and share your scores there without annoying your followers.

Anyone with a Twitter account can create Twitter Communities. You can create Twitter communities related to anything you want. But, there are a few limitations of Twitter communities. Like, if we compare Twitter Communities with Reddit’s subreddits, they don’t have custom URLs. Twitter Communities links have long numbers instead of simple text URLs like they have for Twitter profiles. But, there’s good news for Twitteratis.

Twitter planning to give custom URLs to Communities

Twitter Communities URLs are looking ugly with all those numbers. But this may change in upcoming updates. In a recent conversation with Kinyetta Nance (Researcher at Twitter) and Samuel Crosland (Twitter), they said that Twitter is planning to add a custom URL kind of feature to Communities. They are currently discussing this feature for Twitter Communities.

Here are the screenshots of my conversation with both of them:

After looking at their responses, we can assume that Twitter will probably add a custom URL feature for Twitter Communities. It would be very helpful for users as they can share and remember those short URLs easily. Twitter can use some characters to differentiate between a user profile URL and Twitter Communities like twitter.com/w3Abhishek and twitter.com/c/DroidMaze.

I am keeping an eye on upcoming developments of Twitter and will update you if I notice anything related to custom URLs.

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