Twitter adding Bitcoin as a payment option for Tip Jar

Twitter launched the Tip Jar on May 6, 2021, for users in the United States and later on started expanding to other regions. Twitter added Tip Jar to help users support their favorite creators financially. It previously had only a few payment gateways like Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal, and Venmo. Previously, Twitter’s Tip Jar product manager told us that they are planning to add more payment gateways in near future.

Twitter now seems to be working on expanding the support of payment gateways or platforms. In the latest beta, they’ve added a new mode of payment for their Tip Jar feature.

Twitter adding Bitcoin for Tip Jar as a payment method

Twitter is adding Bitcoin as a payment method for Tip Jar feature that will make payments more anonymous. It will allow users to support their creators without disclosing their identity or sharing payment details. Alessandro Paluzzi(@alex193a) is an app researcher who reverse-engineering the Twitter app. He discovered that Twitter is working on implementing Bitcoin as a payment mode for Tip Jar.

Twitter Tip Jar will accept Bitcoin as payment

He tweeted a screenshot that shows this feature live. Here’s the tweet:

The screenshot shared by Alessandro Paluzzi clearly shows that the feature screen explaining the benefits of using Bitcoin as a payment method. In July, Dorsey claimed Bitcoin has played a major influence in the future of Twitter and that Bitcoin is the greatest contender for the local currency. He said: “We can move so much quicker in things like Super Follows, Commerce, Subscription, Tip Jar if the Internet has a native currency or a global currency, so instead of going down to a market-by-market approach, we could reach every single individual on the globe.”

It is possible that Twitter may introduce more cryptocurrencies as payment for the Twitter Tip Jar feature. It would be great for user privacy and security.

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