Twitter added Co-hosting feature for Spaces

Twitter Spaces are getting popular with every passing day. It is becoming very popular after Twitter introduced them in 2020 following the success of the audio-only social media platform, Clubhouse. Now, Twitter added Co-hosting feature for Spaces, so you can have more than one host in a Twitter Space.

Twitter has been working on Co-hosting feature for a few months. Today it has introduced its new co-hosting option for Spaces, giving you another way to manage your audio chats. Twitter has launched its new co-hosting option for Spaces, which provides an additional option for those managing their audio chats.

As you can see in the above screenshot, You can now add co-hosts from the ‘Guests’ option at the bottom of the Spaces screen. When you do that, you’ll see a new ‘Invite co-hosts’ option marked in blue, which lets you choose the guests who will be attending your Space.

You’ll want to keep an eye on the ‘Invite co-hosts’ option within your event listing, as that’s the only way you can invite a co-host to your event.

You may add up to two co-hosts to each Space, giving them the ability to invite speakers, handle requests inside the Space, and pin Tweets. Co-hosts will also be able to dismiss visitors – so it’s a great supplemental admin tool, and if you’re going to host a large Space with a lot of participants, having two more hands to regulate and steer the discussion is a must.

It may be especially useful for companies seeking to host Spaces since it would provide greater ability to monitor the debate, ward off spammers, and keep things nice in the audio chat. Even the option to pin tweets might be useful in this sense, allowing your co-host to include contextual items into the debate to help explain crucial points without distracting the speaker from the presentation.

As previously stated, Twitter initially announced co-hosts for Spaces in March in response to user demand. It took a few months to create, but even that is substantially faster than Twitter’s usual development cycle, or at least what it has been in the past.

Twitter Co-Hosting Feature

In an effort to keep up with the rapidly changing world of social media, especially with regard to keeping users interested and engaged, Twitter has changed the way it hosts events more often than it reveals its plans through its blog and other means.

It makes sense for Twitter to constantly innovate and satisfy user demand or risk losing more users to competitors who are offering a more appealing and satisfying user experience.

Clubhouse’s growth was very slow due to its invite-only system, but after they went public and launched their Android app, their growth was immense. Earlier this week, Clubhouse announced that over 600,000 rooms are created on their platform, up from 300,000 in May, demonstrating the program’s enduring popularity.

What’s next with Twitter Spaces?

Twitter recently announced that they are shutting down the Twitter fleets feature. Now, Twitter will use that space to promote Spaces. In the place of Twitter fleets, you’ll see active Twitter spaces which you can tap to join and engage. Twitter then follows up with a dedicated “Spaces” tab in order to maximize the option.

At present, we haven’t received any official confirmation or announcement on this. But it is apparent that Twitter is trying to make Spaces a priority, and every addition and development will assist to raise Spaces usage and magnify the function’s visibility and reach.

This will make it more difficult for Clubhouse to maintain its growth, and it will be fascinating to watch how big the audio social trend will be over time, particularly if the vaccination push continues and more regions are able to open backup and return to in-person participation.

People who don’t participate in this type of social media audio are at a distinct disadvantage compared to those who do. The trend toward fewer and fewer people participating in mainstream social media is accelerating, and this form of interaction is poised to grow even larger. It will be fascinating to watch how big the audio social trend will be over time, particularly if the vaccination push continues and more regions are able to open backup and return to in-person participation.

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