How to Turn Edge, Chrome, and Firefox Tab into Notepad

We often use the Notepad application to write important notes and findings while browsing the internet for references. But opening additional software again and again can be overwhelming. So, for all of you here are 5 ways you can turn Edge, Chrome, and Firefox tab into Notepad.

But before we move on to the methods, let’s understand the advantages of using the browser tab as Notepad.

Advantages of turning Browser tabs into Notepad

  1. Take Notes: You can use Notepad to make notes if you’re doing research for a project or assignment.
  2. Write Code: As a programmer, you can use this browser notepad for writing a small piece of code
  3. Collect Links: You can use this integrated notebook to collect links that you may want to visit later

How to Turn Edge, Chrome, and Firefox Tab into Notepad

Follow these steps to turn Edge, Chrome, and Firefox browser tab into Notepad:

1. LiteWrite

LiteWrite is a great note-taking app that you can start using right away just by visiting the website You can create multiple notes and they will be stored and accessed on Chrome unless you clear site data and cookies. You can also log in to sync the notes across devices.

2. is a popular tool for writing short blogs with a simple, minimal alternative to Notion-like tools. You just need to open the website and start writing, you can also hit publish to get a shareable link.

3. Integrated Notepad

Browsers like Edge, Chrome, and Firefox have an integrated notebook-like feature that can be enabled by entering this code data:text/html, <html contenteditable> in the address bar and it will enable the feature.

4. is also a great note-taking web app that can be accessed by visiting the website and you can choose a particular URL like and write your content that can be accessed from any device. It is for sharing notes, do not write any sensitive data in this note-taking web app.


Hastebin is a very minimal sharable note-taking app for humans who want to keep things simple. Just visit and start writing, then you can save and share the note with other humans.

Note: Hastebin is owned by TopTal.

Drop your favorite in the comments or if you have a tool that can be added to this list, let us know. Thanks for reading.

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