What is Termux? How to use it?

Are you interested in penetration testing and software development? Are you looking for an app that can help you to learn and practice software development on the go? Termux is the app that you’re looking for. We will be discussing What is Termux and How to use it?

Termux is an app to use Linux Terminal on Android phones. It helps you use Linux terminal features on your Android phone. You can use the basic and intermediate level Linux terminal features and commands in the Termux app on any Android device whether it’s a Tablet or Phone.

What is Termux?

Termux is a terminal application that provides the ability to run Linux commands and programs on an Android phone. It brings the Linux environment to your own hand-held Android smartphone and works with no requirement for root access to your device.

It is an open-source application developed by Fredrik Fornwall in May 2015. You can find the source code on GitHub and submit your issues publically in the issue section. If you want to fix some bug or add a feature then, you need to send a pull request to their GitHub repository.

Termux comes with some pre-installed utilities and software. But, if you want to install more software then, you can use the pkg command with the Termux package name it installs additional packages to the Termux app.

How to use Termux?

Termux can be used right after installing it on your Android device from the F-Droid repository. It is a straightforward ready-to-use app that doesn’t require any setup.

Note: You shouldn’t install the Termux app from Play Store because Fredrik Fornwall pulled the support from the Google Play Store version and you won’t find the latest version of Termux there.

To use Termux, you need to install the app on your Android smartphone or tablet, here’s a guide to help you.

How to Install Termux on Android?

You can install Termux on Android by following the simple steps below:

  1. Go to Termux F-Droid repository
  2. Download the latest Termux APK from F-Droid
  3. Allow installation from Unknown sources
  4. Open the Downloads section in your browser
  5. Install Termux APK on Android

After installing the Termux APK, you’re ready to use the portable Linux Terminal on the go.

Things to Do after Installing Termux

Here are a few things to do, after installing the Termux app on your Android device:

  1. Termux Storage Setup: After installing the Termux app, you need to set up the storage for your shell. It will help you to access your terminal files from File Manager and eases a lot of things for you. You can follow our tutorial to set up termux storage.
  2. Install Git in Termux: After installing Termux, you should install Git on the Terminal. It will help you to perform a lot of Git-related operations like cloning the repository and sending pull requests. Here’s a tutorial to install Git on Termux.
  3. Install Python: You should also install Python programming language for running popular Python scripts using Termux. Most of the penetration testing scripts are written in Python. So, you’ll eventually need Python support. Follow our tutorial to install Python on Termux.
  4. Update Termux: After installing and opening Termux for the first time, you should update all the dependencies and packages installed in the app. You can update and upgrade packages in Termux using the command: pkg upgrade

Who can use Termux?

Termux is a powerful terminal tool for Android users. But, who can use Termux in real life? Let’s discuss.

  1. Computer Science Students: Any college/school student who can’t afford to have a PC for their programming and computer science stuff can use Termux. Termux provides plenty of tools that a computer science student can use to learn concepts related to Computer Science and Programming.
  2. Cybersecurity: Any cybersecurity enthusiast or even professional can use Termux for performing multiple OpSec and other penetration testing operations. Sherlock-like tools can also be used through Termux for OSINT investigations.
  3. Computer Programmers: As I have already discussed, Termux supports Python interpreters. So, you as a Computer programmer can run Python programs using Termux. Also with Python, there are many packages available that can enable support for other programming languages like NodeJS, C, C++, and more.


Termux is a very powerful tool for Android users who are tech-savvy and involved in some kind of programming and computer science field. As discussed, it lets you use the powerful commands and features of a full-fledged Linux environment on an Android device. You can run different commands and install third-party packages.

I hope you found this guide about the Termux app and its uses helpful. You should use this app only for educational purposes and perform penetration testing on devices you have authorization. You shouldn’t use the app for any illegal activities or gain unauthorized access to someone’s device or account.

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  1. Im having issues finding all the necessary commands to execute and install on termux now that i have it downloaded on my Android. Most commands i enter termux tells me command doesnt exist or i get a roadblock.

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