Top 25 Temporary Storage Websites

File Sharing is a very common practice on the Internet. We daily share a lot of files with friends, colleagues, and communities. We all need to share some kind of files with each other on a daily basis. For sharing files, most peoples use instant chat applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal. Instant messaging apps are the best ways to share files with your friends and colleagues.

However, when we need to share big files and with a lot of peoples, then the best way to share files on the Internet is to use some kind of cloud server or temporary storage websites.Cloud Storage Services are not that feasible due to a lot of limitations, from size to bandwidth and storage and file downloads. Temporary Storage Websites work like charm and solve this huge problem.

Why use Temporary Storage Websites instead of Google Drive and Dropbox?

  • Storage Limit: Google Drive provides 15 GB Free Storage and Dropbox only 2GB of storage for free accounts. Where Temporary Storage Websites provide a huge storage limit or even no limit file transfer service which makes it feasible while sharing some huge files.
  • Download Limit: No storage website like Google Drive and Dropbox openly talk about their number of download limits on their files. However, the Temporary Storage websites provide the option to choose the limit of downloads(0 to unlimited) per file.
  • Data Safety: All the Temporary Storage websites come with a 7 day or more storage time limit. It assures that once you’ll cross the mark your files will be automatically wiped out from their servers.
  • Download Speed: Most of the Temporary Storage Websites do not throttle or limit the Download Speed of a particular file unlike Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Cost-Effective: All the Temporary Storage Websites come with Free plans and offer premium plans at a very low cost that give you access to more space and increase the data retention time.

Top 25 Temporary Storage Websites

I have collected a total of Top 25 temporary storage websites from every corner of the internet and tested on my own and came up with this list. In this list, I have listed all the Top 25 Temporary Storage websites that I tried on my own and found the potential to be on this list.

1. WeTranfer

WeTransfer is a temporary storage and file-sharing website which was founded in 2009 in Amsterdam as a simple, well-designed file sharing service for the creative community. It is currently used by more than 60 million users worldwide for sharing their creatives and journalists use to share their journals and editorials. You can use it for sharing files to a huge number of peoples with no bandwidth limit with the help of a unique link provided by the platform for a particular file or batch of files.


  • 2 GB(free) – 20GB(paid) file size
  • Link Sharing(unlimited)
  • Email Sharing(10 users-free and 50 users- paid)
  • More Products by WeTranfer – PastePaper –  Collect

Go to WeTransfer

2. Smash (

Smash is my personal favorite among temporary storage websites and file-sharing websites. I like its minimal and lovely UI design. It is a secure file sharing and storage service which was developed and launched as a collaboration in 2016. Smash is currently operating in more than 190 countries right now. It allows you to share files with no size limit and file expiry of 14 days. The best part is you can customize the landing page or you can say download page(paid feature). You’ll receive a download notification whenever someone downloads that file.


  • No File Size Limit
  • 14 Days File Expiry
  • Download Notification

Unique Feature: Download Page Customizable and No File Size LimitGo to Smash

3. Swiss Transfer

Swiss Transfer is a file sharing and temporary file storage service offered by infomaniak. It stores your files in Switzerland and you can send up to 50 GB of files at once. Swiss Transfer keeps your files for 30 days and after that, they automatically get removed. You can set a custom expiration date and download link.


  • File Size limit up to 50GB
  • 500 Transfers per day
  • Custom Download Link and Download Limit
  • Password protection
  • Link, Mail, and Slack support
  • Free of Cost, No registration

Go to Swiss Transfer

4. Lufi

Lufi is a very helpful temporary storage website that lets you store and share files temporarily. It comes with no download and uploads limit. It supports all the file extensions, you can upload and share any kind of file with offers a malware scanning feature which is completely unique and one of the favorite feature.


  • No Registration
  • No File limit
  • 2 GB File size
  • No download limit
  • Free of Cost
  • Fastest Download Speed
  • Completely Ad Free

Cons: Your I.P. Address is associated with the file you upload.

Go to

5. MeeroDrop

MeeroDrop is one of the most appealing Temporary Storage and file-sharing websites. It is a service powered by Amazon S3, they are offering unlimited storage for free. You can store as much as you want until the File Expiry date comes. MeeroDrop files doesn’t expire but you can set an expiry date.


  • Link Support only
  • Email is for 5 recipients only
  • Amazon S3 support
  • File Expiry: Unlimited but you can set expiry date if you want file to be expired

Note: Admin email required.

Go to MeeroDrop

6. pCLoud Transfer

pCloud is a very popular file hosting and cloud service provider that help you to upload any files and store backups. They recently launched pCLoud Transfer which offers 5GB File Transfer and its completely free and no registration required to use this platform.


  • 5GB Storage
  • No Registration required
  • Free of Cost
  • Email Share only

Go to pCloud Transfer

7. Transfer Now

Transfer Now is one of the biggest websites that provide temporary storage websites, it helps you to store and share 4GB of files instant. All the files stored on TranferNow get expired every 7 days.


  • 4G File Size Limit
  • 20GB Limit for Paid account
  • File Expiry: 7 days

Go to TranferNow

8. JumboMail

JumboMail is a file sharing and storage website that provide storage over mail, you need to upload a file and they will send the file and its download link over email. You are allowed to share that download link with anyone. It offers 2GB and you can earn up to 5GB per account by completing their offer. It expires your files after one week or 7 days.


  • 2GB/5GB File Size Limit
  • 7 Days File Expiry
  • 20GB for Paid users

Go to JumboMail

9. TresoritSend

TresoritSend is a file-sharing website by Tresorit, it offers a file size limit of 5 days, and files get expired after passing 1 week or 7 days. I tested myself by uploading a copy of Linux Mint and found that the download and upload size is awesome.


  • 5GB of File Size
  • 10 downloads limit
  • File Expiry: 7 days( 1 week)

Go to TresorSend

10. is another file sharing and temporary storage websites. It comes with a 2GB file size limit which you can use to share big files with your friends and colleagues. All the files stored on get deleted after 48 hours of creating the share link.


  • 2GB File Size Support
  • File Expiry: 48 hours
  • Link Sharing
  • Email Sharing
  • Password Lock support
  • Secured SSL/TLS support

Go to

11. is temporary storage and file-sharing website. I found this website advertised by the infamous website The Pirate Bay. It comes with 10GB file size support and all files get deleted after 48 hours.Note: Do not use this website to share unauthorized content. Piracy is illegal and crime, we do not support piracy.


  • File Expiry: 48 hours
  • DMCA compatible as per the note
  • 10GB File Size support

Go to

TMP.LINK is the one and only website among temporary storage websites that provide lifetime storage service. You can upload up to 10GB of the file on this website and the file will be stored forever or you can set its expiry on your own.


  • 10GB per file size limit
  • LifeTime File Validity
  • File Expiry can be set to a file
  • Open Source – Github


13. KwiqFlick

KwiqFlick is a chat application that supports file sharing and temporary storage service. It offers you to upload up to 2 GB files on the website. You can chat and share those files within the website/app.


  • 2GB File Storage
  • Chat Support

Go to KwiqFlick

14. KPN File Transfer

KPN File Transfer is an anonymous file transfer and temporary file storage service offered by KPN. KPN is a Deutch broadband providing company. You can upload up to 4GB file size on this website and the data will be available to download for up to 4 weeks.


  • 5 download limit
  • File Expiry: 4 weeks
  • 4GB File Size Limit

Go to KPN File Transfer

15. TMP Files

TMP Files is a free and anonymous file transfer service that help you to share files from one device to another.


  • Max allowed file size is 100 MB
  • File Expiry: 120 minutes(2 hours)

Go to TMPFiles

16. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is more of a P2P file transfer service but it also offers temporary storage service. You can share files with the P2P method, where you need to keep the tab open and send a 6 digit pin. Send Anywhere also helps you to collect files from your website by using its API. You can upload the file and share it with a link with a 10GB file size limit on Link Transfer. P2P transfer is unlimited.


  • P2P File Sharing
  • 10GB File Size Limit
  • API support
  • Link Sharing and Email Sharing support

Go to SendAnywhere

17. SendGB

SendGB is one of the best freemium temporary storage websites, it comes with a 5GB of file size limit and offers 90 days of storage time. But there’s a catch, you get 90 days file expiry when your file is less than 250MB or you only limit to 7 days file expiry if its more than that.


  • 5GB File Size Limit
  • 90 Days File Expiry
  • Freemium Service

Go to SendGB


SPREND is a temporary file storage website that helps you to store files temporarily and share them with email and a unique share link. Small Files are not allowed on this website to prevent SPAM.


  • 2GB File Size Limit
  • 7 Days File Expiry
  • Link Sharing
  • Email Sharing


19. PixelDrain

PixelDrain is the most powerful temporary storage websites. It has no file upload limits, you can upload as much as you can. All the files are kept for more than 30 days or more if people keep downloading it.


  • No File number Limit
  • 30 Days File Expiry

Go to PixelDrain

20. SecureShare

SecureShare is one of the most secure file transfer websites that comes with 128-bit client-side AES encryption. Even they can’t see what you stored on the website. So, I would recommend you to use this website when you want to share important files. You can also set number of views per file.


  • No File Size Limit
  • 128-bit client-side AES encryption
  • Very Secure
  • 7 days Expiry
  • Set number of views
  • Open Source – Github

Go to SecureShare

21. is also a great tool for uploading and sharing files with others. The process is the same as other temporary storage websites. You just have to click on the upload button and upload file, it will immediately give you a unique URL using that URL you can share that file to anyone.


  • 100MB File Size Limit
  • API Support
  • 7 days File Expiry

Go to

22. is an awesome free file sharing website. The best part about is they provide direct download URL and has no ads at all on their website. You can try it for hosting files and share them with others.

Go to

23. is another file/media sharing and temporary storage website which has a limit of 100MB file size and the file expires after 24 hours.

Go to

24. Dropbox Transfer

Dropbox Transfer is a service similar to We transfer where you can send big files to other peoples and act as a temporary storage website. Sender of DropBox transfer needs to have a Dropbox account but the receiver don’t need to have an account.Free account: 100MB limitPremium: 100GB limitFile expires in 7 daysGo to

Dropbox Transfer

25. is an awesome temporary file sharing service that let’s you share files upto 10GB and has no file upload limit. It also allows you to upload files from command line using their API.

Go to

We are no way affiliated with any of these websites, and we do not receive any kind of incentive from them like referral money, etc.


So, those were the best, I mean the best among them all temporary storage websites. You can use these websites for any kind of purpose that suits, it totally depends on you. BTW! Let’s give my conclusion. I loved WeTransfer and Smash the most from the list. The reason is a clean and awesome looking interface, No need to share any email address or no signup kind of thing. Just upload and share.Hope you guys loved this complete and detailed list of temporary storage website. If you have any suggestions or questions just leave them in the comments below and I will respond ASAP. And, Of course, you should share this blog post with all your friends and followers or even with your family on social media.

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