Telegram working on Virtual Numbers with Fragment

Telegram recently launched their The Open Network (TON) based decentralized platform called Fragment. They are currently using Fragment to sell Telegram usernames using TON tokens.

The Open Network (TON)
The Open Network (TON) is a decentralized blockchain platform developed by the messaging app company, Telegram. It is designed to be scalable, fast, and secure, with the aim of providing a platform for decentralized applications and services. TON utilizes a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which allows users to earn rewards for contributing to the network.

In a recent post on his Telegram channel, Pavel Durov announced that they have made over $50 million USD with Fragment platform by selling usernames. That’s a big number. Following this immense success, Telegram is planning to expand the utility of Fragment platform.

Today, I spotted a new commit made to the Fragment platform website reveals that Telegram is working on Virtual numbers for their users.

GitHub repository code

It was also hinted in a previous beta update of Telegram as people were getting the following message when changing their phone number to +888. As you can see, the profile section shows a simple note saying, “This number is not tied to as SIM card and was acquired on Fragment”. It show’s that Telegram is integrating the concept of Virtual numbers in Telegram with the help of Fragment.

Telegram Virtual Numbers with Fragment

Today, I tried changing my phone number to +888, it showed me “Anonymous Numbers” instead of country name. But, currently you can’t change your number to any of the +888 numbers.

Telegram Virtual Numbers

So, it all concludes that Telegram will soon provide virtual numbers named as “Anonymous Numbers” to their users.

This is a building story. We will update it as more details related to Telegram Virtual Numbers revealed.

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