Telegram WebZ v1.55 Update: Custom Emojis, Redesigned Payments Screen and more

Telegram WebZ continues to evolve in recent months and continuing the development v1.55 launched on November 1, 2022.

App Name Telegram WebZ
Developer Alexander Zinchuk
Updated Version v1.55
Updated on November 1, 2022

Telegram WebZ v1.55 Update

Telegram WebZ is updated to the latest version v1.55. Here’s what’s new in this update:

  • Custom Emoji Support: Telegram recently released added custom emojis support for Premium users. Now, Telegram WebZ also supports Custom Emojis in chats.
  • Offline Recent Messages: Telegram WebZ now supports recent messages viewing offline (cached) on your browser.
  • Redesigned Payments Screen: Telegram WebZ v1.55 also redesigned their payments screen and now it looks much better. It allows you to add tips to certain invoices while making payments.

Official Changelog:

Telegram Web Z was updated to version 1.55

Telegram Web Z was updated to version 1.55

👏 Harder
• Sending custom emoji is now supported.
• You can now view recent (cached) messages while offline.
• Enjoy the beautifully redesigned payments screen with an option to add tips for certain invoices.
• Media in chats can also be deleted via the Media Viewer.

🤩 Better
• Custom emoji sent without text are shown at a larger size.

🚀 Faster
• Optimized rendering for animated stickers and emoji.

💪 Stronger
• Improved sync after editing drafts on another device.
• Fixed duplicate notification sounds when waking up from sleep.
• Various fixes for the Media Viewer.
• Various fixes for username input.
• Various layout improvements.


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