Telegram released two Web Apps: WebZ and WebK

Telegram is a very popular privacy-focused instant messaging app that recently crossed the mark of 500 Million users across the globe. It is known for its bank-level security and encryption for the secret chat feature. Telegram recently announced many new features like Voice Chat, Recorded Messages, etc in Telegram’s recent update.

Today, Telegram released two web apps on the Telegram Applications section in their official website. Along with other applications for PC and Mobile, there’s a new section added on the page that says “Web Apps” and under that section Telegram WebZ and Telegram WebK are listed.

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We tried to use both WebZ and WebK and found that they both are identical to each other. But after taking a closer look at both the Web apps, you can find a slight difference in the UI of both the web apps. Try to spot them in the images below:

Telegram released two Web Apps Telegram WebZ
Telegram WebZ
Telegram released two Web Apps Telegram WebK
Telegram WebK

Both of these apps are the modern versions of the current Telegram for Web( with more features but still missing few native options. Telegram organized a competition to build a simplified web version of Telegram, and the winners of this competition are awarded and the project with the first prize is released as ALPHA by telegram, check this contest page and telegram thread for more information.

Right now Telegram WebZ and WebK both are developed by different developers and may take some time to make their way to the official page.

Telegram WebZ: Telegram WebZ’s alpha 7324bf8 version is available for now whose features and UI are similar to WebZ. WebZ has some features missing in Settings as compared to WebK.

Telegram WebK: Telegram WebK’s alpha 0.4.0 version is available for now which looks very similar to WebZ. WebK has excessive whitespace in the UI which looks weird.

Our Opinion: Both Web Apps look good but we would suggest taking some features from one app and merge into another to make a better Telegram Web App. We are expecting regular updates to this new Telegram web app.

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