Telegram introduces Donate Bot to help content creators

Telegram Channels are very popular with huge subscriber counts. These channels are one of the main reasons behind Telegram’s immense popularity. As of now, the content creators or the creators of these channels are using third-party services to receive financial support from the audience. They are using paid advertisements to get financial support.

As of now, BuyMeCoffee and ko-fi are the most popular methods on Telegram to receive donations and financial support. After analyzing this thoroughly, Telegram decided to add a Donation feature within the app.

Telegram introduced a new official bot @Donate that will help Telegram channel creators to receive donations from their subscribers. Now, Telegram channel owners can easily set up the @Donate bot, following the simple instructions given by the bot.

Telegram Donate Bot

Creators can add buttons with their message which will open the Telegram Payment screen with the amount set by the Telegram channel owner. However, users are allowed to change the donation amount while doing the payment on the Telegram payment screen. As of now, Payments are only allowed in EUR and more currencies may be added soon. Donate Bot also have a blue verified tick that is given to verified Telegram accounts.

In order to receive donations, the Telegram channel must meet the following criteria:

  1. 3 Months or older Telegram channel
  2. Must have 1000+ subscribers
  3. Telegram channels under Education and Entertainment categories are only accepted

Telegram Donate Bot

How to Setup @Donate Bot on Telegram?

To setup @Donate Bot on Telegram, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new chat with @Donate Bot
  2. Choose your role as “Creator”
  3. Type /register to register a channel
  4. Add @Donate bot as admin on your channel
  5. Type /status and send to check the status of your application

Note: You can always connect with the support team through @another_support_bot and the Telegram team will help you with the issues you’re facing. They are available 24/7 as promised in the Telegram chat.

@Donate Bot will use Sumsub to verify your identity. It’s a KYC, AML, and Identity Verification service provider. Here’s a screenshot:

Telegram Donate Bot

As per docs in the @Donate bot, you will get the payment in two phases. Telegram Donate bot will release the payment once, you’ll reach the threshold. As of the now, following are the thresholds:

  1. €100 minimum for payment through Bankcard
  2. €1000 minimum for payment directly to the bank

Telegram will send the payment two times in a month:

  1. 25th day for donations collected between 1st to 15th day of the month
  2. 10th day for donations collected between 16th to 31st day of month

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