Telegram Completed 8 Years, became the 7th most downloaded app

Telegram, a feature-packed instant messaging app that is more of a social media in itself. During the temporary rage against WhatsApp due to privacy concerns, Telegram got a lot of traction. Along with the popular privacy-focused instant messaging app Signal, Telegram has also seen a big growth in the number of users worldwide.

Today, Telegram completed 8 Years of launch on the App Store. It was launched back on August 14, 2013, for iOS and later on became available on the Play Store. At present Telegram is the most feature-packed instant messaging app with no close competitor. It provides quality and efficiency which made it the 7th most downloaded app worldwide. Yes, you read it right, Telegram is the 7the most downloaded app worldwide.

Telegram founder and CEO, Durov posted the following announcement of his Telegram channel:

It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 years since Telegram first appeared in the App Store. According to research published last week, Telegram became the 7th most downloaded application worldwide in 2020. This is not surprising: for the last several years, Telegram has been the most feature-rich and user-friendly messaging app in the world. And yet, every single feature we add makes me think of new improvements we are yet to implement. It’s like reaching a peak of a mountain only to discover greater heights to climb from the new vantage point. That is what makes this journey so exciting. Thank you all for believing in Telegram early. And even if you just joined Telegram yesterday, it is still very early. From here, we shall reach new heights.

Durov, (@durov) – Telegram
Telegram Completed 8 Years, became the 7th most downloaded app
Durov Telegram Channel

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