How to sync SwiftKey Clipboard across devices?

SwiftKey Keyboard is a popular keyboard app from Microsoft for Android devices. It is one of the best alternatives to Google’s Gboard keyboard. It comes with a lot of unique features which you won’t find in any other keyboard app for Android devices.

SwiftKey Keyboard got a new Clipboard sync feature in the latest beta release. It will allow users to sync their Clipboard across devices. It is one of the features that is coming in a major update to SwiftKey Keyboard in the upcoming months.

How to sync SwiftKey Clipboard across devices?

Clipboard sync is a new feature introduced in the SwiftKey Keyboard app. It lets you copy-paste between your Android phone and Windows PC. Here’s how to sync SwiftKey Clipboard across devices:

Install SwiftKey Keyboard Beta App

Open Play Store and search for SwiftKey Keyboard. Choose SwiftKey Keyboard Beta from search results and Install it.

Login to Microsoft Account in SwiftKey Keyboard

After installing, launch the SwiftKey Keyboard app. In the SwiftKey Keyboard log in with the same Microsoft account which is used in your Windows PC.

sync SwiftKey Clipboard across devices

In your Windows PC, you need to navigate to Settings>System>Clipboard and then enable the “Clipboard History” and “Sync across devices” toggles.

In the SwiftKey Keyboard app, you need to navigate to Clipboard>Manage Clipboard options and then enable “Show last copied clip as quick paste option in prediction bar” and “Sync Clipboard history to the Cloud” toggles.

Copy something on your Android and Paste it on Windows

Now, you can test whether the sync feature is working or not. You can just go to your Android phone and copy something. After copying paste it on Windows. If it passes the same thing, your sync Clipboard is working.

Microsoft SwiftKey Beta
Microsoft SwiftKey Beta
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

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