[FIX] Spotify Greenroom showing error on creating new room

Spotify recently acquired Betty Labs, the parent company of Locker Room, a live audio app. They are trying to compete with Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces in the audio-only social media industry. The audio-only social media industry is booming after the launch of the insanely popular app Clubhouse and Twitter’s Spaces.

Spotify acquired Betty Labs and rebranded their live audio app Locker Room. Locker Room is launched as Spotify GreenRoom on 16 June 2021. It is not fully launched for users but available in Eary Access for testing. You can install it from Play Store through this link because upon searching the app, you won’t find it.

We tested this new Spotify Greenroom app, and we found that it’s nothing more than Twitter Spaces. Just a rebrand of Locker Room with a few tweaks here and there.

Spotify Greenroom showing error on creating new room

While testing we discovered that Spotify Greenroom showing an error in creating a new room. When you try to create a new room and press the “Go Live” button, you’ll see the following error message:

Use JsonReader.setLenient(true) to accept malformed JSON at path $

Spotify Greenroom showing error on creating new room
Spotify Greenroom showing error on creating new room

After showing this error, Spotify Greenroom won’t allow you to create a new room. We tried to create another room after 20 minutes but the error came again and Spotify GreenRoom denied us to create the room.

We tried searching about the error and found that this error comes when the JSON string is malformed. It means that either Spotify GreenRoom app is not able to generate or read the JSON file it’s receiving or sending to the server. We are trying to connect with the Spotify team and get more information about this error.

How to Fix Spotify GreenRoom Error?

We tried this and it fixed the issue. No error message anymore.

  1. Clear App Data: First of all force stop app and clear data of Spotify Greenroom
  2. Login with Spotify: Login to Spotify GreenRoom account with Spotify account
  3. Create New Room: Now try creating a new room in Spotify GreenRoom

We’ll keep you informed about the upcoming details regarding the error. Most probably the error will be solved in upcoming updates after the feedback from users. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and news regarding Android and Google.

This is a developing story…

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