How to Solve Beta Program is Full in Play Store on Android

Solve Beta Program is Full in Play Store – Google Play Store is the biggest library or repository of apps for Android devices. Google offers this library for free and Developers can publish their app with a small one-time fee. Are you getting the “Beta Program is Full” warning on the Play Store? We’ll explain it and help you to solve the issue.

Now, before Developers release the stable version or main version of the app. These developers and companies release the beta version of any app for testing with a small userbase. Now, Google Play has some limitations on the number of beta testers a particular app can have. Also, sometimes App developers close the beta program when they think that enough beta testers have already joined them.

If you’re getting the “Beta Program is full” warning on any app that means any of the above-mentioned things are the reason. Now, we will show you the different methods that you can use to bypass the limitation and solve Beta Program is Full issue in Play Store.

How to Solve Beta Program is Full in Play Store on Android

To Solve Beta Program is Full issue in Play Store, follow these methods:

Method 1: Join Beta Program from Browser

You can join the Beta program from the browser when Beta Program is Full. Sometimes it works and gives you access to the beta program even when Beta Program is Full.

Join Beta Beta Program is Full

  1. Open Chrome or your favorite browser and go to search
  2. Search App Name + Beta Program in Google search, like for WhatsApp. Search WhatsApp Beta ProgramBeta program is full
  3. Choose the Beta Program link to Play Store from search resultsBeta program is full
  4. After visiting the Beta Program page, click on Join Beta to Join Beta Program when Beta Program is FullBeta program is full

Method 2: Find Beta Apps on APKMirror

APKMirror is one of the most trusted and biggest third-party libraries of apps. You can download the apps from APKMirror for free. Here’s how to use APKMirror to find Beta Apps:

  1. Open the APKMirror website on any browser of your choice
  2. Search for the app you want and APKMirror will sort the search results with the latest first
  3. Open app version you want to install from the list of search results
  4. Choose your CPU architecture and download the app accordingly, you can check your architecture using CPU-Z
  5. Download and Install the Beta APK of the app you wish. Disable the Unknown App Resources to allow installing from third-party sources.

Method 3: Join APKMirror RSS Feed for a particular app vendor

APKMirror also offers RSS feeds to keep you updated with all the upcoming beta updates. It will help you to get beta updates when Beta Program is Full You just need to add the RSS feed to an RSS feed reader.

  1. Install an RSS feed reader
  2. Copy the APKMirror vendor link and add /feed at the end
  3. Enter the Link in the RSS feed Reader
  4. Subscribe to the RSS feed and it will notify you when a new beta update is available
  5. Click on the APKMirror update link and Download the latest beta of an App even when Beta Program is Full

Note: APKMirror is a safe third-party repository of apps, but if you’re concerned about your security. You can always scan your downloaded app files on to be sure. Enjoy!

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