Snapchat working on Best Friends chat widget for Android

Snapchat has a category of “Best Friends” which appears when you use Send To feature or open the Chat section of the app. Snapchat chooses the friends in your Best Friends category automatically. It chooses the people you chat with more than others as your Best Friends. You cannot manually add or remove someone from your Best Friends list.

It is a very helpful feature that helps you to share things quickly with your friends. It also saves you time for searching your best friends from the list of all of your Snapchat chats. Best Friends list was replaced with Friend Emojis.

Snapchat working on Best Friends chat widget for Android

Snapchat’s Best Friends feature is very helpful for users. It helps users to find their most communicated friends very quickly. Now, they are making it more simple and easy to chat with your Best Friends. Snapchat is working on the Best Friends chat widget for Android.

Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher recently discovered that Snapchat is working on Best Friends chat widget for Android through an app teardown of their latest release. He shared few screenshots showing this widget in action. According to Screenshots shared by Alessandro, Snapchat is working on a quick chat widget named Best Friends which can be placed on your Android home screen.

Have a look at the screenshots shared by Alessandro in a tweet:

Snapchat working on Best Friends chat widget for Android
Snapchat working on Best Friends chat widget for Android

As you can see in the screenshots, the Snapchat app introduced a quick chat widget introduced named Best Friends. It can be placed on the home screen and used directly from there without opening the app.

It would be very helpful for users to chat with their best friends directly from the home screen of their phones. It is under development right now and not available to the public. We can expect it to launch in upcoming updates.

Notes: These features are discovered by tear down or reverse-engineering the apps. It depends on the company to launch the features or ditch them.

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