Snapchat stopped ads and pledges to donate Ukraine

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the United States. They have a huge impact on the social life of people in the United States as well as other parts of the world. Looking at the current situation in Ukraine and Russia, many western companies started shutting down their operations in Russia. Twitter also took a similar step by pulling off their ads temporarily in Russia, however it was more of delivering the right information.

Snapchat pledges to donate $15 Million to Ukraine

Today, Snapchat made an announcement related to ongoing Ukraine and Russia situation in a blog post on Snapchat Newsroom blog. As per the blog post, they have pledged to donate $15 million dollars toward humanitarian aid to support organizations providing direct help to the people of Ukraine. It can be a great help for people suffering in Ukraine because of the crisis.

Snapchat stopped ads in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus

Along with the donations, Snapchat also announced that they have stopped all advertising running in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Snapchat also stopped advertising sales to all Russian and Belarusian entities and is complying with all sanctions targeting Russian businesses and individuals.

However, they are not stopping their service in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus because it is an important communication tool for family and friends. Snapchat is also concerned about fake news and disinformation spreading on the platform and taking strict action against it. Snapchat is only allowing verified media partners to showcase their content on Snapchat’s Discover feed.

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