Snapchat rolled out Voice Scan feature for Everyone

Snapchat a very popular social media app for Android. It is full of amazing features from creating your facemoji to using cool Face filters. It is the app that started the “Stories” concept in social media industry.

In 2020, Snapchat released a new feature called “Voice Scan” to a limited number of their users. It was a feature that helps you to find the right Face filter for you. It was loved by users as it makes it easy to find a filter even without knowing its name, you just enable Voice scan and describe the filter.

After successful testing and getting positive feedback, Snapchat decided to roll out this feature to everyone. So, following the decision Voice Scan feature is now available for all users.

I tried it in different devices and found that feature is already there. So, I am assuming that its a global rollout, and everyone have access to it.

How to use Voice Scan feature in Snapchat for Android?

To use Voice Scan feature, follow these steps:

  1. Download Snapchat BETA version
  2. Login/Sign up for Snapchat account
  3. Open Camera and use Face Filter
  4. Navigate to Explore section and click on Mic icon
  5. Now Voice Scan is open, describe the Face filter you want to use and it will enable it.

If you discover any new feature in Snapchat, drop in comment section. Thanks for reading.

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Anaya Dasgupta

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