Snapchat launches Snapchat+ in India at a cheaper price

Last month, Snapchat launched their Snapchat+ service in western world. Now, after one month of testing, they expanded and launched Snapchat+ service at a very cheap price.

Snapchat+ Launched in India at cheaper price

Snapchat users in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE can purchase Snapchat+, which provides exclusive access to new and experimental features, including alternative icons, profile badges, additional analytics, and a desktop version of the app, for $US3.99 per month (or local equivalent).

Meanwhile in India, Snapchat launched Snapchat+ at a very low price of just ₹49 or $US0.62. “India is an important market for Snap, and investments in localizing the app experience has been key to our growth in the region,” said Lakshya Malu, Interim Market Development Lead, Snap, in a statement.


Key Features of Snapchat+

  1. Snapchat+ Badge: To showcase your subscriber status, you can flaunt a special “Star” badge. From the settings, you may enable or disable this. It is by default turned off.
  2. Custom App Icons: With a subscription, you can customise the Snapchat app icon displayed on your iOS or Android home screen.
  3. Rewatch Indicator: You will now notice a new indicator for the number of people who have rewatched your stories while you are viewing who has seen your story overall. You won’t be able to identify the specific viewer(s), therefore you won’t know who is your biggest fan.
  4. Best Friends Forever: With the subscription, you can also move a buddy to the top of the conversation display as your top best friend.
  5. Snap Map’s Ghost Trails: This feature displays the general direction in which pals have recently relocated (if they have agreed to sharing their location with you). This is comparable to Snap Map’s current “Map Moves” functionality.

A new friendship badge called “Solar System” has also been added by the corporation and will now be shown on friendship profiles. The first features you have access to are those listed here, but Snapchat Plus will be adding more features in the upcoming weeks.

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