Slack bringing Scheduled Messages support

Slack, a must-have app for employers and employees to work from home and interact with each other. It is helping people to stay home and work from their homes while interacting with their colleagues. It is one of the most popular business communication software or app out there.

According to app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi(@alex193a), Slack is working on scheduled messages feature, which will help users to post pre-scheduled messages while they are away. In a Tweet, Alessandro shared a screenshot of Slack app where he can schedule a message to be posted at pre-scheduled time.

Slack bringing Scheduled Messages support to their Android App

In the screenshot, I can see that users will be able to send pre-scheduled messages to the slack chat channels. Slack messages can be scheduled for a particular date and time. You can type a message and then that message will be shared to your slack channel at preset date and time.

Scheduled messages will be helpful for users who have other things to manage while working from home. It can help them to keep them active and do their other work at home. It is solely focused on people working from home.

Slack also announced the date of their financial disclosure, which are going to happen on June 3 after closing of market. Keep an eye on you’re an investor from United States.

Note: Scheduled Messages are not available for users. This is a leak discovered through reverse-engineering the app and analyzing the code of the app.

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