Telegram’s Sangmata Bot not working

Telegram is more that a chat app with all the features they offer. Similarly, Telegram bots are such amazing feature that let users create bots for literally anything. One such popular Telegram bot, Sangmata bot not working these days as few reports on Telegram groups.

About Sangmata Bot:

Sangmata Bot is popular for checking the username and name history of Telegram users. It logs the older names and usernames of Telegram users so, if someone changes their username and Name, you can check their older name. It helps people to stay safe from scammers and spammers. You can use the bot in personal chat as well as in group chats.

Sangmata Bot not working

sangmata bot not working

Sangmata bot’s admin recently posted an update on why Sangmata bot not working. They recently migrated the bot to a different server and due to some issues they didn’t successfully migrate the database. Due to this issue, the bot is not showing older names and usernames. As per the announcement on their official channel, “Sangmata bot not working” issue will be fixed in the end of May 2022.

Here’s the official announcement:

⚠️ Status
@SangMataInfo_bot is online

However the result / names history is incomplete due to incident here
We backup our servers weekly so the old data still exists but not yet restored due to current technical limitations. We will restore and migrate the old database backups with the release of new sangmata bot together, possibly at the end of May 2022.

Check our channel for latest news and updates.

* FIxed bug bot keep sending same message due to bot set as admin, and telegram disables the Privacy Mode for the bot.

Source: Telegram/@sang_inc

It is most probably going to be fixed in the end of May 2022, until then the bot will show the recent changes in the username and names. The changes of dates before the migration date won’t show right now. You can check username and name history with this method.I am keeping an eye on the developments, once the Sangmata bot is recovered, this article will be updated with latest updates.

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