Samsung will stop showing ads in their Stock Apps

Samsung is an infamous smartphone manufacturer for the number of bloatware and advertisements in their One UI. Samsung Galaxy users were demanding an ad-free experience for a long time. Finally, Samsung Electronics has decided to remove controversial ads on the default app of Galaxy smartphones.

Recently, some consumers as well as executives and employees had negative reactions to ads in these basic apps, so they accepted it. It made them remove ads from their stock apps like Samsung Pay, Music, Weather, and more.

According to reports, TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics, stated during the company’s online town hall meeting that advertisements will soon be removed from Samsung’s stock apps. Earlier morning, an employee-only online conference was held at Samsung’s Suwon Digital City, and one of the employees questioned TM Roh why the company’s stock applications contain advertisements.

TM Roh said that the advertisements would be removed in future versions of Samsung Pay, Samsung Themes, Samsung Weather, and other apps. He also stated that Samsung pays attention to staff and user feedback.

“We will do our best to provide customers with the useful information they need through search and recommendation on the content service or in the Galaxy Store,” he added.

In accordance with this policy, Samsung Electronics plans to display ad removal measures in the default stock apps one after the other through the ‘One UI software’ update, which is its own user experience.


A Samsung Electronics official said, “The acrimony of the employees is absolutely essential to the growth and development of the company.”

Samsung clarified that the ads from stock apps will be removed through One UI updates. However, they haven’t specified a particular date for it. I personally appreciate this move by Samsung and it will surely make it different from other smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi. Xiaomi recently took over Samsung and became the biggest smartphone manufacturer as per the sales. Samsung can regain its position by taking some serious steps and provide what users want.

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