Samsung Internet getting Bookmark Bar and Site permissions

Samsung Internet is a browser offered by Samsung for their Android devices. It comes pre-installed in Samsung phones. It is a must have Browser for someone who’s already invested in Samsung ecosystem. It is a good alternative to Chrome browser for Samsung phones.

Samsung Internet browser is much more customizable and provide better user experience than Chrome. If you’re looking for a Chrome alternative after their forced tab groups feature, Samsung Internet can be a choice.

In last update, Samsung Internet added a new feature that allowed users to sync the page position across Galaxy devices. It was a very handy feature and got a lot of appreciation.

In this latest Samsung Internet beta, two new features are unveiled. Samsung Internet added Bookmarks Bar and Site permissions. Bookmarks Bar allows you to easily add and manage your bookmarks in Samsung Internet browser.

Another feature is Site permissions. Site permission will improve the overall security and privacy of Samsung Internet users. It was the most demanded feature.

Site permissions will allow users to enable/disable the camera, mic and location permissions for individual sites. It will definitely improve the privacy and security of Samsung Internet users.

Along with the improvement in browser, Samsung is also working to improve their Bixby assistant. According to some leaks, Samsung is allegedly working on a 3D version of Bixby assistant. The leaks suggests that the assistant will be inspired from Japanese cartoon/Anime characters. Here’s a tweet about it:

As you can see in Tweet, there’s an Anime girl character modelled as Bixby assistant. Samsung is trying to improve its Bixby assistant to compete with Google assistant and Siri. I am excited to see this new version of Bixby.

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