Samsung Internet Beta adds Anti-tracking and Search Widget

Samsung Internet browser recently received the Beta update. Samsung Intenet Beta application gives us early access to the upcoming features of the main Samsung Internet browser app.

In the latest Samsung Internet Beta app, there are two new features added, Smart Anti-Tracking and Search Widget. Samsung Internet is also joining the ongoing concerns about user privacy.

Samsung Internet Beta adds Anti-tracking

Samsung Internet gets regular beta updates. In the latest Beta update, Samsung added a Smart anti-tracking feature in the Privacy and Security settings. It is very similar to the anti-tracking feature we get in the Brave browser. It displays you the number of trackers and the number of times they tracked you.

Smart anti-tracking feature in the Samsung Internet browser will let you remove cookies that are tracking you. The Smart anti-tracking feature comes with two modes, Always on and Secret mode only.

Always mode will keep blocking the trackers from tracking you while allowing some trackers. But the Secret mode only will aggressively block the trackers and they’ve given a warning that it may result in broken websites and functions.

Samsung Internet Beta adds Search Widget

A week ago, we discovered that the Google Chrome Canary browser added Quick Search Widget. It looks like Samsung Internet is on the same path. In the latest beta update of Samsung Internet, a new Search Widget is added, which can be added to your home screen similar to the Google Search Widget.

Samsung Internet Beta adds Anti-tracking and Search Widget

You don’t need to enable anything, just update the Samsung Internet browser to the beta version. It will add the search widget to your widget options. You can add these search widgets to your home screen.

Samsung Internet Beta adds Back/Forward Cache support

Samsung Internet Beta version added Back/Forward cache support. It will allow users to quickly navigate back and forward in their browser due to the back/forward cache. Learn more about Back/Forward cache. Samsung is trying to improve the user experience in their Samsung Internet browser. They recently did a lot of changes, you can read more about Samsung Internet’s previous changes here.

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