Samsung Galaxy MWC: Samsung Watchfaces design tool coming for Android developers

Samsung Galaxy MWC event was just awesome. We enjoyed the event as there were some cool announcements. I am eagerly waiting for Samsung Unpacked Event.

Samsung Watch was one of the major highlight of the Samsung Galaxy Mobile World Congress. Samsung is bringing many new features to the Samsung Watches.

Samsung unveiled that Samsung Watch 4 series will be the first watch to have OneUI Watch OS. Samsung OneUI watches will have better performance and longer battery life that Tizen Watches.

Samsung also advertised their upcoming OneUI watches to have ecosystem similar to Apple Watches. It will be synced with Samsung Galaxy phones. New Samsung Watches will be 30% faster and eSIM with more carriers.

Samsung unveiled a new Watchfaces designing tool for Android Developers to design Watchfaces for the upcoming Samsung Watches. The Samsung Watchfaces designing tool for Android Developers look like Figma. It is not available yet but will be launched very soon.

Samsung also downgraded the software update support time. Now, Samsung watches will receive software updates only up to 3 years. It is a downgrade than the previous update timeline.

Samsung galaxy mwc


After all of this stuff, Samsung finally hinted the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It will be coming in a black circular box.

Samsung also displayed a banner showing the improvements in OneUI Watches. It reveals that Samsung OneUI Watches will have Better Responsiveness, Longer Battery Life, Consistent and Accurate health sensor.


It will also offer seamless access to apps across devices with a sync app feature. It was also tailored in the live stream.

New Apps coming to Galaxy OneUI Watch:

Google Messages, Maps & YouTube Music will be available on One Ui Watch OS. It is pretty clear from the mentions in Samsung Galaxy MWC Event.

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