Samsung finally removed ads from Samsung Pay, Health and Weather apps

Samsung is the biggest Android phone manufacturer in the United States. But they are infamous for putting ads in their stock apps like Samsung Pay, Health, and Weather apps. Although on certain low-cost handsets it is reasonable, there are no legitimate grounds for advertising on high-end smartphones, for example, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy S21 Ultra. The worst part is, it can’t be switched off. Also, there’s no such option to disable these advertisements.

Samsung finally removed ads from Samsung Pay, Health, and Weather apps

However, as we recently reported that Samsung is planning to remove advertisements from their Stock apps. It turns out to be true as Samsung finally removed advertisements from their stock apps like Samsung Pay, Health, and Weather app in the latest update. Samsung users from their native country and the United States started receiving these app updates with no advertisements.

Hopefully, Samsung will remove ads from other stock apps very soon. Samsung was forced to remove these ads due to pressure from users, tech enthusiasts, and influencers. Previously, Samsung Pay displayed banner ads on its Pay tab, which is now gone. Samsung still presents a “Featured” area in the “Home” application that may contain offers, although not as plain ads as seen previously.


You’ll no longer see banner advertising almost uniformly across applications. The sole exception to these rules is Samsung Pay, which has a portion of the main interface for special offers, but which is meaningful in the software environment. When you still see advertising on your Samsung phone, you may be able to update your applications by manually restarting pay, the weather, health, and theme apps using the force stop capability in Android.

Samsung Health has also been upgraded to remove a banner ad appearing at the top of the app on an apparent server side. Although this section typically featured training suggestions, items like Samsung’s smartwatches were also advertised.

At last, Samsung Weather looks that the app only shows the temperature and the prediction at the head of the app has also removed ads from the top. The Galaxy Themes app also looks to have removed the advertisements.

If you are somehow still seeing these advertisements, force-stopping these apps seems to force the ads to be removed.

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