How to run Java Program on Android? (Simple Method)

Java is a popular programming language and taught in schools and colleges to students. If you’re a student or working professional who wants to run Java Program on Android, you need to follow this tutorial.

In this tutorial, I will be explaining the methods to run Java Program on Android. So, stick with the tutorial and follow each and every step carefully.


How to Run Java Program on Android?

To run Java Program on Android, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Launch Play Store on your Android phone

To begin with, you need to launch the Play Store app on your Android phone. Open your Android app drawer and search for Play Store. Now, click on the Play Store app icon to launch the Play Store on your Android phone.

Step 2: Search for JvDroid app on Play Store

After launching the Play Store app, you need to click on the Search bar. In the search bar, enter JvDroid and search. From the search results open the first result.

Step 3: Install JvDroid app on Android Phone

After opening the first result from the search results on Play Store, you need to Install the JvDroid app.

Step 4: Launch the JvDroid app on Android Phone

Once you’re done installing the JvDroid app on Android Phone, you need to click the Open button to launch the JvDroid App.

Step 5: Write Java Program and Click Run to Run Java Program on Android

After you open the JvDroid app on your Android phone, you need to write the Java Program. You will get a decent code editor with a Run button at the top. You need to click the Run button to Run Java Program on Android with the JvDroid app.


JvDroid is a very useful Android app to run your Java programs on Android. You can use it to write and run simple Java programs. But, you cannot run advanced Java programs and add install additional libraries.

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