How to Remove Marketplace from Facebook: 5 Steps

Facebook isn’t just a social network. They introduced many useless features that no one wanted. Facebook Marketplace is one of these things. Most people use it to scam others and sell unsuitable products. I have seen people complain about these issues on public forums. I found a subreddit where a man asked how to delete the marketplace section on Facebook.

I’m sure that you’re annoyed with fake products and the entire Facebook Marketplace. Don’t worry! I’m going to show you how to get rid of the entire marketplace from Facebook.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook created Facebook Marketplace and added a section in their Android app to aid small businesses in selling their local products. Facebook introduced it in October 2016. The Facebook marketplace quickly became a popular hub for scammers, making it easy to scam and steal from people.

These are just some of the many instances of fraud on Facebook Marketplace reported in media. Facebook does not change its policy.

Here are some reports of scams on the Facebook Marketplace:

I am sure that now you want to get rid of this Facebook Marketplace section from your Facebook app.

How to Remove Marketplace from Facebook?

To Remove Marketplace from Facebook, follow these steps carefully:

Step 1: Launch Facebook App on Android

On Android, you need to search for the Facebook app in the app drawer of your Android phone. After that, tap on the Facebook app icon to launch the Facebook app on Android. It is the first step to remove the marketplace from Facebook.

Remove Marketplace from Facebook
Open Facebook App Icon

Step 2: Switch to Marketplace Section

After launching the Facebook App on your Android Phone, you need to click on the Shop icon on the top header of Facebook. Tap on the Shop icon in the Facebook app header, and it will switch to the Marketplace section. Now, you’re in the Marketplace section of the Facebook app.

Remove Marketplace from Facebook
Switching to Marketplace

Step 3: Tap and Hold Marketplace icons to open options

After you click on the Shop icon in the Facebook app header, you will be switched to the Facebook Marketplace section. Now, you need to tap and hold Shop or you can say Facebook marketplace icon. It will then show some options to choose from.

Remove Marketplace from FACEBOOK
Hold Marketplace icon

Step 4: Click on Remove Facebook Marketplace Shortcut option

After opening Facebook Marketplace options, you need to choose the third option, “Remove from shortcut bar.” It will remove the Facebook marketplace section from the Android app of Facebook. You’ll get rid of the Facebook marketplace permanently on their Android app.

Remove Marketplace from Facebook

Step 5: Confirm to Remove Marketplace from Facebook

After you choose to remove the Marketplace from Facebook, you’ll be prompted for a confirmation. Facebook will ask you to confirm that you want to remove the Marketplace from Facebook. Choose “Remove” to Remove Marketplace from Facebook. It will permanently remove Marketplace from the Facebook app on Android.

Remove Facebook Marketplace

Now, you successfully removed the Facebook Marketplace from the Facebook app for Android. Now the shop icon won’t show up in the Facebook app header.


Facebook Marketplace was meant to help small businesses come over social media and sell their products, but it is full of scammers. So, turning off Marketplace is a better option rather than falling into the scammer’s trap. You can go to a local shop and buy the stuff you want.

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  1. Please confirm this will not hurt the business page. I’m trying to get rid of the store section to buy but want to make sure it doesn’t hurt my business page. I appreciate any assistance

    • This doesn’t actually permanently remove it, you can easily get it back with a few taps. It even says that in one of your screenshots…

  2. While I understand this is an Android-oriented site, the same suggestion works on an iPhone. Thank you for the information!

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