How to Remove Contacts from Signal App in 2022

Signal App is a privacy-focused chat and messaging app that gained popularity after the WhatsApp privacy policy update and Elon Musk’s tweet. People are now more aware of their privacy and personal data protection as per the growth in the number of downloads of this Signal app.

The signal app is new to many of you people, and some are facing some issues in using it. So, we are here to help you with detailed tutorials and guides. Some people are facing issues to remove contacts from Signal App.

In this article, we are going to explain How you can remove contacts from the Signal app. There are many cases where you may need to follow remove contacts from Signal app, so follow this guide to delete or remove contacts from your Signal app.

How to Remove Contacts from Signal app

Follow these steps to easily remove contacts from Signal app.

Step 1: Start the Signal App

To begin, we need to open Signal app. Start signal by clicking on the icon of Signal app

open signal app

Step 2: Open Chat info in Signal app

Choose the Contact you want to delete from Signal. Now, open Contact Info in Signal.

open contact info 1

open contact info 2

Step 3: Click on Block in Contact Info

First of all Block the contact by clicking on Block option in Contact Info section.

block signal contact


block signal app contact

Step 4: Click on This Person in Your Contacts

After blocking the person, you need to click on This Person in Your Contacts option

click on this person in your contact

Step 5: Click three dots menu and Hit Delete option

Now, you’ll see the contact you chosen and click three dot menu. After that click Delete Contact to delete the contact.

click three dot menu

Remove Contacts from Signal App

remove contact from signal app

Voila! You successfully removed contact from Signal app. Thanks for reading this tutorial.

Signal is a not for profit chat application that let you chat with your friends with full security and privacy. Please support their initiative by donating few bucks a month.

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  1. I have customer that like to use WhatsApp, Signal and/or Telegram. They are not in my contact list, but somehow they communicate through them. I will not like to block to remove them from my Signal chat. They may use it again. In WhatsApp you are able to delete the chat and the person name.
    Signal seems to not let you do it. I am able to delete the chat but not their names.

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