How to Remove Apps from Android Share Menu

We all love sharing things in real life as well as on the web. Social Media and Forum websites allow us to share thoughts and ideas with people and communities. We all have seen the social share buttons on websites and apps. Similarly, in Android, the Android Share Menu allows you to share things with others using different apps. Sometimes, we get lost while finding the right app in between a lot of apps installed on our Android phones. We can remove apps from Android Share Menu to solve this problem.

In this article, we will help you to remove apps from Android share menu. You will be able to remove a particular app from Android Share Menu so, it won’t appear in Android Share Menu.

What is Android Share Menu?

Android Share Menu is a simple application that will allow you to add, edit or remove items from the Share menu on your Android device. It will also allow you to change animations. Does this app require root? No, this app does not require root.

How to Remove Apps from Android Share Menu

How to Remove Apps from Android Share Menu

To remove apps from Android share menu, follow these steps carefully:

  1. Open Chrome and Visit a website like
  2. Click on three dot menu and tap on Share button to open Android share menu
  3. Long Press to open Pin/Unpin Menu
  4. Tap on Unpin option to remove apps from Android share menu priority list
  5. Now, the apps are removed from Android share menu

Note: All the apps in Android share menu are displayed in alphabetical order. You can follow the alphabetical order of apps to find your app for sharing content and other stuff.


As of now, there’s no direct solution to remove apps from the share menu of Android. But, you can use these tweaks to get the job done. So, this is the method that I personally use and thought to share with you all. I hope you found this article helpful, if you do then please share it on social media and communities.

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