How to Remove Ads from MX Player in 2022?

MX Player is very popular as supported online streaming platform. Here's how to remove ads from MX Player android app. Read it now.

Are you tired of the intrusive ads in the MX Player app on Android? As per my experience, the intrusive and unskippable ads in MX Player ads are a pain in the ass. It costs extra data and also wastes your time while you’re watching some TV Show or Movie on an Android phone. Fortunately, there’s a workaround to remove ads from MX Player and enjoy streaming movies and TV Shows without any interruption due to ads.

In this article, we are going to share multiple methods that can help you to remove ads from MX Player. You can try any of the methods and use the one that works. All the methods shared In this method are completely safe to use and won’t cause any issues with your device. But, I would still recommend scanning the files share in this tutorial with online scanners.

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So, let’s begin with the tutorial to remove ads from MX Player…

Guide to Remove Ads from MX Player

Welcome to the detailed step-by-step guide to remove ads from MX Player. We will be showing you different methods and you can choose any one method that works for you. All the steps shared in the article are free and safe. Let’s start exploring the different methods.

Method 1: Remove Ads from MX Player with VIP Pass

In the first method, we can buy the MX Player VIP Pass that allows you to remove ads and enjoy the app. You can buy the MX Player VIP Pass with the free coins available in the MX Player coin wallet.


  1. Launch the MX Player app
  2. Open Rewards Center from the sidebar menu
  3. Choose Ad-Free VIP coupon
  4. Purchase the Ad-Free VIP to remove ads from MX Player
  5. Enjoy MX Player without ads

If you are low on MX Player coins, we have a tutorial that helps you to earn MX Player coins and also helps you to redeem them.

Method 2: Remove Ads from MX Player with Private DNS

Don’t have coins to buy Ad-Free VIP or offer discontinued, don’t worry. You just need to set up adguard Private DNS to remove ads from MX Player as well as your whole device. Learn more about Private DNS in Android.

Private DNS to Remove ads from MX Player

  1. Go to System Settings in Android
  2. Open Advanced Network Settings > Private DNS
  3. Choose Private DNS provider hostname
  4. Enter
  5. Save the Private DNS and that’s it.

About AdGuard:

AdGuard is a popular ad-blocking and security tool. It lets you block ads, malicious sites, and tracking. You can trust AdGuard as it is hosted in Cyprus and also listed on the adblocking section of If you’re overprotective then just set up AdGuard Home and use unbound to for your DNS requests more private.

AdGuard DNS will remove ads from MX Player along with your whole device. So, no more ads on Chrome, YouTube, and more apps. If you face any issues, you can just turn off Private DNS from Network Settings > Private DNS.

Method 3: Remove Ads from MX Player with MOD App

If any of the above methods do not work, this is the final and must work method to remove ads from MX Player. You can just find the latest MOD app of MX Plyer with no ads and other modifications. However, you shouldn’t download MOD Apps from any XYZ website as it can result in a breach of security and cause serious damage to your device. But, you don’t need to worry about it. You can download the latest MX Player MOD Apps from MalFreeSoft(as they scan all files with an antivirus before sharing).

Remove ads from MX Player

  1. Download the MX Player MOD App
  2. Allow Unknown Sources from Settings
  3. Install the MX Player MOD App
  4. Open the MX Player App
  5. You’ve successfully removed ads from MX Player

MOD Apps are developed by independent developers and shared on MalFreeSoft. If you want to get the Beta APK of popular apps like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more then join our DroidMaze Beta Tester Telegram channel.

If you’re a fan of dark-theme, then you would love to try Dark mode on MX Player. Found this tutorial is helpful, then please share this on social media and forums like Reddit. Also, if you have any questions related to this article, drop them in the comments section. I would love to answer them. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news and updates related to Android and Google. You can also join our Telegram channel to get the latest news about Beta updates of apps.

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