Realme Tablet launching soon, official confirmation

Realme is a well-known brand for stylish and powerful smartphones which everyone can afford. Following the affordability, Realme was also rumoured to be launching the cheapest 5G smartphone in partnership with telecom company, Reliance Jio.

Realme Tablet launching soon

Realme Tablet


Realme is undoubtedly big name in the smartphone market. It is quite popular around the globe. However, at this time Realme haven’t entered the Tablet market.

But, many leakers and tippers were hinting about an upcoming Realme Tablet. Nobody believed these rumours as Realme never wished publicly to enter in Tablet market.

However, Today a Realme official named Francis FutureX tweet confirmed the rumours that Realme is working on a Realme Tablet. Probably this Realme Tablet will be called Realme Pad.

Here’s Francis’s tweet teasing Realme Tablet:

Realme Pad, definitely a name taken from Apple’s iPad. Tushar Mehta, a senior editor at XDA suggested to name it something else. People were asking Francis to ship the similar features, if they’re copying the name from Apple’s iPad.

Along with Realme Pad or Realme Tablet, Oppo and Lenovo are also working on their Tablet. Oppo and Lenovo are also planning to name their tablets as Oppo Pad and  Lenovo Pad respectively.

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My Opinion: In my opinion, I would suggest Realme to choose a different name for their Tablet. Copying Apple’s iPad name doesn’t make any sense.

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