Raiden Shogun Best Build Quickguide by KeqingMains

In this article, we are sharing the Raiden Shogun Best Build Quickguide by KeqingMains. With the launch of the Inazuma region and the story unfolding further, Genshin Impact has introduced new characters. The Raiden Shogun, also known as BaalElectro archon from Inazuma, is taking the middle of the stage.

Players have been brainstorming about new team compositions and her best weapon. However, one particular Genshin Community group is dedicated to saving players from all the brainstorming and build calculations.

Raiden Shogun Best Build Quickguide by KeqingMains
Raiden Shogun

I’ve been personally following them for quite some time, and Indeed they’re one of the best theorycrafters in the Genshin Impact community! Whether you’re a casual player or a meta player, you should join them! We are in no way sponsored by KeqingMains to promote them. DroidMaze wants to let the Genshin Impact community know more about KeqingMains to follow quality content rather than clickbait and misleading content.

Why should you join them?

Here are some reasons to join them:

  • Mathematical Calculations: KeqingMains theorycrafters make build guides backed by mathematical calculations and rigorous testing of different compositions. I love their effort!
  • Friendly community: From administration to group members, everyone’s willing to help you solve your doubts. Don’t feel shy and get your doubts resolved!
  • Personalized recommendations: If you want the best team composition recommendations with your characters and weapons. KQM is the place for you! I posted my character roster, and they recommended me suitable team compositions! As a Free to Play player (SEA – hiverkiya – AR57), it’s pretty beneficial for me!
  • Quick guides and infographics: If you’re the type who learns from visuals, they also have fantastic infographics for characters. Have a quick look and see whether you’re using proper artifacts or not
  • Open-source & Community-driven: Heavily driven by motivated individuals, KQM boasts of its effort to provide players with quality content.

Alright! That was it from my side about Raiden Shogun Best Build Quickguide by KeqingMains and my favorite Genshin Impact community! The latest Genshin Impact 2.1 update has introduced Raiden Shogun (Baal), and many people, including me, were waiting for her best build! At this moment, KeqingMains came for our rescue!

Raiden Shogun Best Build Quickguide by KeqingMains

Have a look at this wonderfully crafted build and Raiden Shogun Quickguide by KeqingMains:

Raiden Shogun Best Build Quickguide by KeqingMains
Raiden Shogun Infographic (KeqingMains)

But what if you don’t have some characters or want good personalized recommendations?

Raiden Shogun Best Build Quickguide by KeqingMains

Head over to their Subreddit – Discord – Youtube channels to increase your game knowledge! Whether you’re a meta player or casual, everyone loves good damage numbers. I’ll recommend you to join their Discord group and ask any questions you have about Genshin Impact! Do check them out on Twitch as well!

Want to support the KeqingMains initiative? Voila! They have a Patreon Show them some love!

DroidMaze Team would like to thank KeqingMains Administration for permitting to post their content. KeqingMains efforts for the Genshin Impact community are commendable and deserve more recognition! Thanks and have a wonderful experience!

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