Poparazzi App for Android launch imminent

Poparazzi is a photo-sharing app that is the new hype in the social media world. It is considered to be the next-gen Instagram app GIFs are shared instead of photos and videos. Everyone on Twitter and Reddit is talking about how good or bad is the Poparazzi app. They claim that your friends will create your social media profile on Poparazzi. Poparazzi currently grabs the number one spot in the Top Apps section of the App Store in the United States.

Poparazzi app for Android launch imminent

Poparazzi is currently available on iOS only. However, the Poparazzi team told us that they are working on an Android version too. It seems the Poparazzi app for Android launch imminent.

In the Social media world, platforms focused on images and videos. However, we recently saw these platforms breaking the norms and opting for new media types. Clubhouse came up with audio-only social media. Everyone followed, and now we have Twitter Spaces, Facebook, and LinkedIn audio-rooms.

Poparazzi app for Android
App Store page of Poparazzi – Poparazzi App for Android


Similarly, Poparazzi came up with this new concept of GIF-only social media. The clubhouse became successful with its innovative idea of audio-only social media. It would be interesting to see how Poparazzi does with this innovative idea. Poparazzi crossed 5+ Million installs on App Store while writing the article. Poparazzi’s parent company TTYL received $2 million in 2018 in a round led by Floodgate Capital.

It is quite an interesting concept where your friends create your social media profile. However, Poparazzi allows you to control what appears on your profile. Currently, Poparazzi doesn’t show any followers on the app. Instead of followers, Poparazzi shows you the views of photos or GIFs.

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