Poparazzi App for Android: How to use Poparazzi App on Android

Poparazzi App is becoming more and more popular these days. It is becoming the Top-rated app on Apple’s app store. In this article, we will look at Poparazzi App for Android. It is currently available for iOS. But Android fans want it too. We recently covered that Poparazzi App for Android is coming very soon. We may see a beta release of the Poparazzi App for Android this year. So, Android users just calm down.

But, if you’re eager to test out the newly hyped social media app called Poparazzi. So, In this article, I will explain How you can use Poparazzi App on Android. So, let’s get started with Poparazzi for Android tutorial. As of now, the app is only available for iOS. But with a few tweaks, you can also use it on an Android device.

As we all know, Apple developed iOS while Google owns Android. So, practically it is near too impossible to run any iOS app on Android. But there are few third-party tools available to help you in running iOS apps on Android.

In this tutorial, we will use a popular third-party tool called IEMU. It allows you to emulate an iOS device on your Android phone. Siba developed IEMU to test and use the iOS app on Android Devices. So, let’ start using Poparazzi app on Android.

How to use Poparazzi App on Android

Poparazzi App on Android

To use Poparazzi App on Android, follow these steps:

  1. Download IEMU App: Sibu developed the IEMU app which helps users to emulate an iOS device on Android. CyanogenMod distributes the app on their website. You can download the IEMU App on the website of CyanogenMod.
  2. Install IEMU App: After downloading the IEMU App, install the IEMU app. To install this app you need to enable the Unknown sources option from Settings.
  3. Download Poparazzi App using AIO Downloader for Android: After the IEMU App is installed on your phone, you’ll get an option of installing apps from AIO Downloader. Now you can use this downloader to install the Poparazzi App on Android. It can be searched in AIO Downloader and then click Install to install Poparazzi App on Android devices.
  4. Run the Poparazzi App for Android: After installing Poparazzi App from AIO Downloader, you can run the Poparazzi App on your Android device.

Poparazzi app for Android launch imminent

Poparazzi is currently available on iOS only. However, the Poparazzi team told us that they are working on an Android version too. It seems the Poparazzi app for Android launch imminent.

It is quite an interesting concept where your friends create your social media profile. Poparazzi App has two main sections, one where you share photos of friends and another where your friends share photos of yours. However, Poparazzi App allows you to control what shows up on your profile. Currently, Poparazzi is not showing followers count on the app. Instead of followers, Poparazzi shows you the views of photos or GIFs.

I hope you found this article interesting about the Poparazzi app for Android. Please do share this article on social media. If you have any suggestions or questions then, please ask in the comments section below. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news and updates regarding Android. Thanks for reading.

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