Oppo opened registration for ColorOS 12 Early Access Program

Oppo launched their owner version of Android 12 as ColorOS 12. It came with tons of features and UI updates taken from Android 12. As the ColorOS 12 is launched officially, you may want to join the Early Access program. No need to worry.

Oppo opened registration for ColorOS 12 Early Access Program

According to a post from Oppo’s official Weibo account, they opened registration for ColorOS 12 Early Access Program. As of now, they announced this Early access program for three devices and started registering the testers of ColorOS 12 Beta.

As per the official Weibo account for ColorOS, OPPO has opened registrations in China for ColorOS 12 Early access initiative. The program is open to the device owners of OPPO Find X3 Pro, OnePlus 9, or OnePlus 9 Pro. For participation, the Find X3 Pro must have firmware version a.27. The OnePlus 9 series will require firmware version a.10. ColorOS 12 Early Access registrations opened at 11:59 (local time) today and will close at 12 AM tonight.

The announcement posts of OPPO & OnePlus provide detailed instructions on how and where to apply. All applicants who are chosen will begin receiving the ColorOS 12 Early Access builds tomorrow in batches. After the update notification, you can install ColorOS 12 in Oppo Phones.

ColorOS 12 has been rumored by OPPO to be the greatest-ever mobile operating system. The Android12-based program is codenamed, “Da Vinci.” One of its key components will be Cross-Screen Interconnection. It comes with a lot of new features and the OMOJI feature is a unique feature.

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    • Sorry to say but we are not creators or developers of the Color OS. You can contact the Oppo team on their Twitter account or through email. Thanks.

  2. I need to update my oppo reno 2f version android 11. 1 I want to android 12 this is Rodgelito Guevarra from Philippines

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