Microsoft OneDrive introduces Face unlock in Android App

Microsoft’s very own cloud storage service OneDrive is available for Android Devices. Last year, OneDrive added Dark Theme and Photos section as one of the major changes in the OneDrive Android app. However, after that, they carried on with bug fixes and error resolving. No changes in the UI and features of the app.

On Thursday morning, OneDrive came up with a new feature to improve the security and usability of the OneDrive Android App. OneDrive introduces face unlock in their Android app, which will enhance the overall security of the app and usability. Microsoft OneDrive 6.22.1 added this feature as an extra layer of security.

However, there’s a catch in this update. OneDrive Face unlocks feature is not available for all devices. According to OneDrive release notes, the feature is only available for the device that supports face-unlock, similar to Apple face id on iOS.

It was not a game-changing update, but little improvements like this can enhance the user experience. I hope they regularly come up with such updates and improve the OneDrive app for Android like they are doing with other apps.

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